Milla Jovovich told how she had to kill a child: the years of suppressed terrible

Мила Йовович рассказала, как ей пришлось убить ребенка: годы замалчивала страшное

Milla Jovovich

Hollywood star of Ukrainian origin Milla Jovovich has responded to your Instagram for the imposition of severe restrictions on abortions in Georgia. To draw public attention to the problem, it told about his own experience of suffering a forced abortion at a late stage and what followed it.

Jovovich criticized the ruling authorities, calling the law “draconian” and told his terrible story.

According to the actress, it happened while filming in Eastern Europe when she was in her fifth month of pregnancy.

“I went into preterm labor and was told that you have to remain conscious throughout the procedure. It was one of the most terrifying experiences through which I passed. I still have nightmares about it. I was alone and helpless” she wrote.

The actress admitted that she felt the pain in my stomach at the thought that after the new laws, women will have abortions in even more difficult conditions. She admitted that after abortion fell into a terrible depression.

“I fell into one of the worst depressions in my life, and I had incredibly work to find a way out. I took a break in his career. I isolated myself for a few months and tried to save face in front of his two wonderful children. I began to do gardening, eat more healthily and every day to go to the gym because I didn’t want to throw antidepressants without trying all other alternatives,” she wrote.

Мила Йовович рассказала, как ей пришлось убить ребенка: годы замалчивала страшное

Jovovich also said that he felt gratitude to a higher power for the fact that we were able to find a way out of “personal hell” is not resorting to drugs. She stressed that the memory of the pain for the lost will be with her until the end of life.

“Abortion is at best a nightmare. No woman wants to go through with it. But we must fight to ensure that our rights are guarded enough that we could count on a safe procedure if we need it”, she added.

The actress stressed that I never wanted to talk about their experiences, but cannot remain silent in a situation where “so much is at stake.”

Мила Йовович рассказала, как ей пришлось убить ребенка: годы замалчивала страшное

Recall that Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson have two daughters – 10-year-old ever Gabo, and 4-year-old Dashel Eden.

As reported by the portal Znaia a 42-year-old Milla Jovovich showed perfect figure

Also Znayu wrote Milla Jovovich was born in 1975 in Kiev in the family of a doctor from Montenegro and Soviet actress from Russia. In five years she emigrated with family in the UK, and then in the United States. Hollywood actress and model never forgets about his origins, even using national motifs in the collections.


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