Millau takes the derby against LSA and consolidates its runner-up position

Millau takes the derby against LSA and consolidates its runner-up position

LSA n’a pas fait le poids face à Millau ce dimanche. Théo Costecalde

Bien que volontaire, le dernier LSA n’a pas fait le poids chez le dauphin millavois lors du derby de Fédérale 2 comptant pour la 19e journée (38-11).

Millau started with a headwind and would have difficulty putting his game into place. The visitors played without any complexes against one of the big names in the group. Having known for many weeks their fate, namely relegation to Federal 3, the Ségalis were galvanized by their very first victory of the season acquired during the last match against Leucate. They thus caused many problems for the Somists, especially during the first half.

Little rhythm in this first act. Various blunders and, icing on the cake, the yellow and green were the first to score in this derby on a penalty from the inevitable scorer Zérouali, rewarding some of his team's highlights. The locals, who until then had been beaten in commitment and aggression, reacted before half-time with a little more will and control.

By regaining possession of the ball and increasing the playing time, they scored two tries by Roques and Vergne for a score of 14-6 to the lemons, Zérouali having scored an additional penalty.

No doubt lectured at half-time, the Millavois started with full throttle and scored a third try synonymous with an offensive bonus by Delouis, a corner achievement, but nevertheless transformed by the future retiree Gauthier Escalaïs, author yesterday again flawless and which has well tamed the wind, as evidenced by the floating trajectory of this transformation.

LSA, galloping youth

Trailing 24-6, the Ségala guys were not going to close the game, quite the contrary, they who had announced before the match that they would travel for "the pleasure of the game". They were admirable in their generosity yesterday and also produced a quality game. No doubt already in preparation for next season (with, it must be emphasized again, 20 players out of 22 trained at the club), they scored a try by hooker Bousquet at the hour mark, depriving at that moment – there the glovers of the offensive bonus.

Millau goes to the leader on Sunday with solid arguments

The SOM, in the fight for the first two places in the group, did not want to lose this precious improved success and reacted immediately with a breakthrough from Perraux, who came into play, who found Wadelle in the relay for the fourth achievement of the group. afternoon. Millau completed its success at the very end of the match with a try from Rorato after a handball penalty. 38-11 in the end for Millau.

But the young players of the LSA . This is also the difference between a team at the top of the table and a team at the bottom of the table. Also confirming the Aveyron superiority of SOM, after the victory of the first leg at La Primaube in November, 12-33.

This 15th victory of the season allows SOM, more than ever runner-up, to calmly prepare for its next trip to the leader, the ogre of the pool – but which is only a small point ahead – Palavas. And when we know the qualities of the Somists away this season, anything is allowed.

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