Millionaire by mistake: a $10 million blunder

Millionaire by mistake: a $10 million blunder


A Melbourne woman who needed to get $100 transferred from cryptocurrency exchange received $10 million in May 2021 following an error made by the latter. 

In May 2021, Thevamanogari Manivel's bank account was inflated by a deposit of $10 million, when she was only expecting $100, MarketWatch reported.

A employee allegedly accidentally entered an account number in the payment section.

The transaction occurred following a refund requested by Ms. Manivel, who failed to report the error to and transferred $10.1 million to another account, said Australian broadcaster 7news., which made the transfer, realized his mistake in December 2021 only. He is now suing the Aussie to get her money back.

Unexpected multimillion-dollar custodian, the Aussie didn't skimp on the expense. In fact, she would have already spent $1.35 million for a five-bedroom house that she offered to her sister, also targeted by the lawsuit.

Thus, the dream promises to be short-lived. duration for the two sisters. Indeed, an order for the sale of the house has reportedly already been issued by the Supreme Court of Victoria, following a partial victory for in court, “even though other legal proceedings regarding the situation are expected in October,” reported MarketWatch.