Millionaires by likes: as Ukrainian stars cope with the haters

Artist has learned over time to ignore the negativity

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The success of stars have measured not only by the number of hits or zeros in fees. Army of followers in social networks – at the moment the main indicator of popularity. Which artists read the comments of fans on social networks personally, and do not trust the Manager? Yak famous and successful stars react to offensive comments?

Many Ukrainian performers block such subscribers, and there are those who do not associate with haters. For them it makes managers and personal assistants. But, for example, the Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik believes that the artist to communicate with fans personally – is necessary.

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“It’s not okay to let people write you comments, but you did not see them or, for you to do it by other people. Honestly, it’s not easy (to read negative comments – ed.). I frequently review the comments in Instagram in the night,” says the singer.

Amador Lopez and Oleg Serafin from the group Rumbero”s try to answer all comments. Oleg easily recall a photo of his subscribers like the most.

“That photo, where I in one of the hotels was a janitor – Topless. In a towel immediately out of the room with the cart and cleaned the rooms on Crete,” – says the artist.

But the singer Alyosha from social networking is not happy.

“For me it’s very hard to always do some sort of content to fill Instagram or Facebook. If it were me, I would have retired from all social networking” – frankly admitted the star.

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Max Barsky calls the social network “destroyers of the time.” That is why he is trying to spend less time there.

“When you are immersed in them, you’re losing and wasting your precious time. I can see three photos on the day, and then a month does not appear”, – says the musician.

As for negative comments, many people don’t pay attention to them and try not to pass through itself. As, for example, makes this young singer Michelle Andrade: “Sometimes they need the right attitude. There are haters and negativity. Sometimes it confuses you”.

But Olga Cybulski conducted our own experiment, exclusively published in the social network of candid photos.

“I put a photo under which was almost 1,000 comments – good and bad. I then they (subscribers – ed.) wrote what the actor is faced not only on the stage. These different emotions from people! And if you accept this, you have to go to the end”, – says Olga.

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DZIDZIO believes that negative comments to not pay attention: “I read comments, I read and I will read. Pay attention to everything, but not always, because there are inadequate people. To all, Potap, which often suffers from criticism, I fully agree with my colleague – sometimes you need to pull the plug on the negative.

Nadia Dorofeeva conceded grievances through the ears, because the social network to help her raise money for treatment of sick children.

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