Millions of dollars without competition to Bell

Des millions de dollars sans concurrence à Bell

Even after being rapped on the knuckles twice by the authorities for not having provided a healthy competition and have focused on a single vendor for a contract for a computer, the CHU de Québec is on the verge of awarding the contract without competition for facilities from the same provider.

The contract is for the acquisition of wireless equipment. The only company that has raised their hand to try to unhook it is the Bell, with the provider, Cisco, for a total of 2.14 million $. The CHU de Québec will therefore have to pay the only price that was submitted.

“Goose that lays the golden eggs “

The contract, however, was popular and could bring in even more because, when he landed in the hospital with its equipment, the winner risk position itself to better pick other related agreements. In the middle, we called this contract the ” goose that lays the golden eggs “.

It all started in may 2019, while the CHU de Québec has published a call for tender which required literally of the equipment of the Cisco brand, of which Bell is a important dealer.

In June 2019, the public procurement Authority (MPA), is the organization of the monitoring contracts created after the Charbonneau commission, has ordered the cancellation of the tender.

Not justifiable

The GPA has, in particular, explained its decision by “the absence of adequate justification on the part of the CHU” and “the absence of serious studies and documented to the effect” that only the Cisco products are possible. CHU also noted that another technology would require training of staff. The AMP has been rather clear on this point : “this consideration does not justify the use of a tender headed “.

The tender was re-launched last November. But in the meantime, the hospital has acquired additional equipment from Cisco via another contract. The winner of the new tender must ensure to make its equipment compatible with Cisco already bought, or to replace them.

A complaint has immediately yet been filed to the AMP, by stressing the constraints, including this one, that ” eliminate[s] any possible competitiveness “. The supervisory body has, in particular, responded to the complaint in writing reflect on ” the actual opening up to competition “. The CHU de Québec has had to redo his homework.

This is what the hospital did, but the competition has finally not been at the rendezvous. The competitors have simply abandoned by noting the direction taken by the case, according to our information.


The contract has not yet been officially granted. It is in analysis since the end of June. The AMP could still intervene, but did not want to give us details.

For its part, the media relations unit of the CHU of Quebec tells us be gone “beyond the ordinances” of the AMP and that the tender had been built ” in order to allow a healthy competition “.

Note that the AMP has never blamed Bell or Cisco for anything in this case.

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