Millions of Quebecers dependent on the federal government

Millions of Quebecers dependent on the federal government

It is incredible to see the astronomical number of workers who have depended financially on the federal government since the start of the pandemic.

In Quebec alone, I counted a minimum number of 3.85 million Quebecers who, at one point, benefited from one of the many financial assistance programs set up by Justin Trudeau to counter the consequences. disastrous health crisis and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 in the country.

These beneficiaries represent 53.9% of Quebecers of working age, that is to say those 15 years and over. Another revealing data of the crisis: the percentage of recipients of federal aid during the pandemic “is equivalent” to 84.3% of the working population (workers and unemployed).

Over $ 40 billion in Quebec

In terms of financial assistance, Quebecers who are victims of COVID-19 have received approximately $ 34.3 billion in federal assistance, or 22.1% of the $ 155 billion paid by the federal government to all Canadians. victims of the health crisis.

In addition to this direct assistance to individuals, federal assistance is provided in the form of interest-free loans through the Emergency Account for Canadian Businesses. Loans obtained by Quebec companies reached $ 8.4 billion at the end of December, out of the $ 40 billion distributed across the country.

Compared to all federal assistance paid to victims of COVID-19, Quebec has probably received its fair share, or almost. Quebec beneficiaries of one or other of the federal programs represent 22.3% of all Canadian beneficiaries, which is almost the equivalent of Quebec’s demographic weight (22.56%) in Canada.


Regarding the ECP (Canadian emergency benefit), there are just over two million Quebecers who benefited from it during the period when it was available, that is to say from March to the end of September. latest. They shared about $ 18.5 billion.

The PCU has been replaced since the end of September by several other federal benefits.

Many active ECPs have been transferred to employment insurance after it became more flexible in its eligibility criteria from last October. Since then, there have been 410,166 Quebecers who have benefited from it, for total benefits estimated at $ 2.1 billion.

The Trudeau government also launched the new Canadian Economic Stimulus Benefit, which has benefited 242,560 Quebecers victims of COVID-19 in recent months. They have received just over $ 1 billion to date.

Another novelty: the Canada Caregiver Benefit has enabled 38,530 Quebeckers to share $ 103 million since its launch last October.

Regarding the enticing emergency wage subsidy that Justin Trudeau launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are 957,420 Quebec employees who took advantage of it at the height of the health crisis.

To date, Quebec businesses have received some $ 12.6 billion in federal wage assistance.

In closing, it should be noted that the “Emergency Account for Canadian Businesses” program has so far enabled 169,069 Quebec SMEs to borrow $ 8.4 billion from the federal government, without any interest charges.

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