Millions $ transferred in Cambodia under the threat

Des millions $ transférés au Cambodge sous la menace

The man of affairs of Joliette, accused of attempted murder of a lawyer, is pointing the finger to a transfer fraudulent as alleged millions of dollars in Cambodia.

Jean-François Malo, arrested on June 19 last by the Sûreté du Québec, is not the end of his sentences.

It is jointly sued in civil with a notary from laval, Simon Chartrand, for an alleged fraud. A company of Rosemere, Management Group Bernard inc., their reproach of having attempted to do away with$3.8 Million.

In November 2019, the firm was in negotiations to purchase 42 buildings owned by companies of Malo. To facilitate the transaction, it has agreed to pay him an advance of$ 3.4 Million before the end of the talks.

The notary Chartrand was to keep the sum in his trust account and refund it if the negotiations achoppaient.

In reality, millions have taken immediately the path of another account of the notary at the Toronto Dominion Bank. Then on November 22, Chartrand tried to transfer the money to a company in Cambodia by introducing a letter, allegedly signed by the Group’s lawyers Bernard.

The TD was then refused, and an investigator of the Bank alerted the company. The Group Bernard then contacted Chartrand for her to repay the sum, but the notary never responded.

His children threatened ?

Last may, a judgment interim determined that the letter in question was a fake document, ” unskilful in the staying “.

Chartrand provides “that it has been “forced” to attempt the transfer to Cambodia, “under the blow of a threat to the place of his immediate family, including his own children,” says the decision.

In June, judge Bernard Synnott issued two orders, Anton Piller and Mareva against Malo and the notary Chartrand.

These civil procedures allow the seizure of documents in their offices, in order to preserve the evidence and prevent Malo to dispose of its property.

Nowhere do the judgments and does not identify the author of the threats to the place of Chartrand, but the Group Bernard believes that Malo is behind the scheme.

The company is not about to revise its millions, because before you attempt to send to Cambodia without success, Chartrand had already managed to transfer almost$ 3.8 Million, claimed those through another company who makes a transaction with Malo, Capital Transit.

The notary must, therefore,$ 7.2 Million, but has more than$ 3.4 Million in its trust account. The two companies that are the victims of the scheme the risk of losing half of the money that is due, disappeared in Asia.

“Fraudulent behaviour “

In June, the judge Synnott pointed out that the alleged facts and the evidence ” suggests of behaviors, repeated, shady and fraudulent “. “The allegations are strong, even overwhelming “, he wrote.

They allow us to think that Malo has wanted to hide some of his assets and hide computer data, ” according to the judge.

The Group Bernard has obtained orders Anton Piller and Mareva. The process is ongoing and the parties will meet in court on August 13.

Agreement out of court between Desjardins and Malo

Desjardins has heard out of court with Jean-François Malo, in the context of a prosecution for the recovery of nearly$ 3.5 Million that the Movement accuses him of having hijacked and nearly$ 2.5 Million in damages.

The agreement was mentioned in the dossier on 5 June. It is only a few weeks after the murder attempt against one of the lawyers who worked on the record for Desjardins, Nicholas Daudelin, of the firm LCM. The court file refers to a ” total regulation “.

Desjardins refused to specify the content of the agreement with Malo. “This is not yet quite settled, we cannot comment “, said the spokesperson for the Movement, Chantal Corbeil.

A bullet to the leg

Desjardins considered Malo head of a vast fraudulent scheme. According to the financial institution, several companies have borrowed funds before you transfer the money and declare bankruptcy.

The Sûreté du Québec has arrested the sponsor on June 19. He is accused of attempted murder.

Nicholas Daudelin was wounded by a bullet in the leg at his home on march 26.

Two men suspected of being linked to street gangs, then rang home. It has refused to open, but one of the suspects shot through the door, up to the lawyer to one leg.

In addition to Malo, two other people have also been arrested in the case in June.

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