Mind : why you will fall for the new series of France tv slash

Mental : pourquoi vous allez craquer pour la nouvelle série de France tv slash

Mind : why you will fall for the new series of France tv slash

After Skam France, France tv slash launches his new series for young people which addresses very fair way the mental disorders in adolescents. The title ? Mind. Between humour and tenderness, this show, with Constantine Vidal, Alicia Hava, Louis Peres, and Lauréna Thellier, will not leave you insensitive. Then, one mate or it zaps ? PRBK tells you why you will fall for the fiction.

You wait impatiently for the season 5 and 6 of Skam France ? Well, for that time seems less long, you can always start the new series with France tv slash, Mind, which “deals with a subject rarely touched on the screen : the psychic disorders among adolescents“. The show is already being compared to Skam, but the two dramas have a link ? “We are not at all in the logic to tell us that, because we made a cardboard with “Skam”, it should all capitalize around it. On the contrary, with “Mind,” we’re going on a completely different story, this is not the “Skam” to the psychiatric clinic, “says the director of the fiction digital of France Télévisions, Sened Dhab, to Puremédias.

The essential

Created by : Marine Maugrain-Legagneur and Victor Lockwood
With : Constantine Vidal, Alicia Hava, Louis Peres, Lauréna Thellier, Nicole Ferroni, Riad Gahmi, Nadia Richard, Husky Kihal and Clement Neslin
Format : 20 minutes
Diffusion EN : every Friday on France tv slash

The pitch

Marvin, age 17, found himself interned at the clinic pédopsychiatrique of Primroses, following a decision of justice. Used to police, the teenager does not understand his or her investment. In his anger, he takes revenge on the health care team and the other boarders, but his behavior will soon change thanks to his meeting with Melody, Simon and Estelle, present for therapy. A meeting which will give birth a beautiful friendship.

Mental : the trailer of the new series of France tv slash

A series of touching and just

Address mental illness on screen is always a tricky exercise, and yet, Mind, adapted from the show Finnish Sekasin, the succeeds of very fair way without falling into clichés. From the first minutes, the series immerses us in the story of Marvin (Constantine Vidal), and in their feeling of anger and misunderstanding. We live with it, its integration within the clinical pédopsychiatrique of Primroses and one is able to put it in its place, even if it is a little hard with the staff and patients. But despite his strong character and his style rebel, Marvin we touch by we are proving that it is not a big hard.

We feel that it is already taking affection to Simon the borderline (Louis Peres), Melody (Alicia Hava), who is bipolar, and Estelle (Lauréna Thellier). It is very different, but very similar at the time. As and episodes, and this small group, for whom one feels affection, is going to take us in his daily life. And something tells us we will worship him even more. The actors are really touching and one can only applaud their performance.

We appreciate also Mental for its lighter side, and its the small touches of humor that are good. The subject is sensitive, but the series is not something that is too heavy. The purpose is primarily not to reduce patients to their pathology and to prove that it is pointless to raise barriers between them and us. Let’s stop the judgments.

In short, we can’t wait to see the season 1 of the Mind in its entirety. The first two episodes are very promising and there is no doubt that the sequel will be just as top.

Mental : pourquoi vous allez craquer pour la nouvelle série de France tv slash

Mental : our opinions on the new series of France tv slash

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