Mining on smartphone: app struggling with cancer in the pocket

DreamLab app running on the smartphone in the background while users sleep

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Today, 15:56

Майнинг на смартфоне: приложение борется с раком в кармане

The app has implemented more than 10 million useful calculations

On Android have an app that uses the computing power of the smartphone in standby mode to search for “useful” anti-cancer molecules in certain foods. DreamLab app has been downloaded 83 thousands of times and is helping scientists look for anti-cancer medication, reports the BBC.

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The study, researchers found that carrots, celery and oranges contain the most cancer-fighting molecules. On the basis of this information, DreamLab uses an algorithm to measure the properties of more than 8 thousands of products of daily demand on a comprehensive database, finding molecules which have successfully coped with cancer in laboratory studies.

Майнинг на смартфоне: приложение борется с раком в кармане

DreamLab looking for a cure for cancer in users pocket

Because supercomputers are not enough, the researchers decided to use blockchain technology using smartphones for “mining” drugs, the total computing power which is enough to analyze huge databases.

“There is strong evidence that you can reduce the risk of cancer if you consume more foods high in fiber such as fruits and vegetables, reduce processed and red meat and high-calorie foods and beverages,” said information officer in healthcare, conducted by Cancer Research UK Weilin Wu.

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The app works while users sleep. It has now been performed more than 10 million calculations. The first results have shown that grapes, fennel and cabbage also have a large number of these anti-cancer molecules.

“The next step is to use artificial intelligence technology to study the effects that different combinations of medicines and food molecules can have on people,” commented Dr. Kirill Veselkov from the Department of surgery and cancer at Imperial College London.

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