Minneapolis: 2nd night of incidents after the death of a Black american in the hands of the police

Minneapolis: 2e nuit d’incidents après la mort d’un Noir américain aux mains de la police

Demonstrators gathered Wednesday for the second night in a row in Minneapolis, where the death of a Black after his violent arrest by police has provoked anger and calls for justice, and then looting and clashes between protesters and security forces in the night.

The chief of police of this city in the North of the United States had asked the protesters to keep calm for not knowing the same overflows as the day before. But skirmishes took place in the night: demonstrators set fire to an auto parts store and looted a shop. These two facilities are located in close proximity to the police station where worked prior to their dismissal on Tuesday, the officers accused of the murder of George Floyd.

The police fired tear gas and formed a barricade human to prevent the demonstrators from crossing a fence surrounding the police station.

The police have pushed a crowd which grew, in the aftermath of incidents of the same type. The windows of a police station had been smashed Tuesday night, and the police had responded by using tear gas and rubber bullets.

The family of George Floyd, an African-American 46-year-old died after a brutal arrest in which the video has become viral, claimed Wednesday that the officers involved be charged with murder.

“Because that is exactly what they have done, they have committed murder against my brother,” said on NBC’s sister, Bridgett Floyd.

“I have faith and I believe that justice will be done,” she added, saying that the dismissal of police officers was ” not enough “.

The four police officers involved in the arrest of Mr. Floyd were dismissed Tuesday, but left at liberty while an inquiry has been opened.

The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, was asked Wednesday, ” why the man who killed George Floyd (was) not in prison “. “If you or I had done this, we would be at this moment behind bars “, he said.

President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he had asked the federal police (FBI) and the department of Justice to shed light on this disappearance ” sad and tragic “.

“My thoughts go out to the family and friends of George. Justice will be served! “, he promised.

New images

Filmed by a busy Monday, a video of the arrest shows a police officer wrestle him to the ground George Floyd keeping for long minutes her knee on his neck.

We see this latest whining and repeating ” I can’t breathe “.

The agent, a White, replied to him to stay calm. A second policeman in the distance the passers-by, who begin to take then that a man is apprehended not moving and seems unconscious.

New videos appear to preclude the thesis put forward by the police, according to which George Floyd, who was suspected of having attempted to pass a fake note of 20 dollars, would have resisted the officers came to arrest him.

On the images captured by the cameras of the restaurant, in front of which he had been arrested, he has his hands cuffed behind his back, and opposes no resistance when a policeman led him to a patrol car.

Without the images shared on social media, the police “would have given a false version of the facts, and they would have stashed it under the carpet,” said Benjamin Crump, attorney for the family of the deceased.

That’s why

Many personalities have denounced a violence that is unjustified on the part of police officers against Black people.

Senator black Kamala Harris, a former attorney from California, has blasted an “act of torture” and a “public execution” in a society marked by racism.

“It is a tragic reminder that this is not an isolated incident, but is part of a cycle of systematic injustice that still exists in our country,” said the former us vice president and democratic candidate for the presidential election in November, Joe Biden.

In this case, he said, recalls the circumstances surrounding the death of Eric Garner in 2014 in New York city. This black man had died after being asphyxiated during his arrest by white police officers who suspected him of selling contraband cigarettes.

The case had contributed to the emergence of the protest movement of Black Lives Matter (” the life of The Black account “). Other deaths of Blacks at the hands of police provoked riots in the country.

The NBA star LeBron James posted on Instagram a photo of the former american football player, Colin Kaepernick, kneeling, and George Floyd was tackled to the ground under the title: “This is why “.

“Do you understand NOW? Or it is still too confusing for you? “wrote LeBron James, a basketball star of the Los Angeles Lakers.

To protest against the police violence against Black people, Colin Kaepernick had launched a boycott of the national anthem by putting a knee on the ground when it was played before the matches of the championship of american football.

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