Miracle of the COVID-19: “it is true, the microbe is there”

Miraculé de la COVID-19: «c’est du vrai, le microbe est là»

A couple of Laval having survived the COVID-19 doesn’t understand that some people do not see the importance of sanitary measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I find it so ridiculous that people don’t understand that it is necessary to protect themselves because the microbe exists, and it is transmissible,” says Colette Labelle, who contracted the coronavirus.

Her husband, Michel Lapierre, has also contracted and failed to leave his skin. He was hospitalized for 30 days and had to be intubated.

When asked what he thinks of the protesters who claim the right not to wear the mask, Mr. Lapierre admits that he does not support them.

“Me, I’m not with them at all. Because me, I have lived and this is not the “white lies” I say. I’ve been in the hospital long enough to say that it is true. The microbe is there,” he said.

Michel Lapierre has learned with disappointment that his brother had to go demonstrate in Montreal, Saturday, against the wearing of masks compulsory.

“He has the right to his opinion, but I do not share and that does not mean that it is right”, he says.

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