Miss France 2020 : focus on Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019)

Miss France 2020 : zoom sur Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019)

Miss France 2020 : focus on Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019), one of the favourites on social networks

A successor to Vaimalama Chaves ? While waiting to discover during the election of Miss France 2020, which takes place this Saturday, December 14, 2019, in Marseille and will be broadcast live on TF1, zooming in on Lou Ruat. The one who was elected Miss Provence 2019 is part of the candidate favorite social networks.

Lou Ruat is part of the favorite

On December 14, 2019, the election of Miss France 2020 will be broadcast live by TF1 from the Dome of Marseille. Waiting to know who will succeed Vaimalama Chaves, zooming in on Lou Ruat, one of the 30 candidates to the competition, which is part of favorite users. She was elected Miss Provence 2019 to Cogolin in the Var, on the 26th of July last. At the age of 19 years, this pretty blonde is a student license of eco-management in Aix-en-Provence.

See this publication on Instagram

A publication sharing by Lou Ruat (@louruatoff) on 8 Sept. 2019 9 :44 PDT

In addition to her beauty and her intelligence, Lou Ruat is already very followed on Instagram. It has well over 212 000 subscribers than anything on this application. It was on this social network that she was discovered by Julia Short (Miss Provence 2015 and third dauphine of Miss France in 2016). “I fell on his profile, I found it very pretty, solar, and she was already a bit tracked on the network, it is always a plus” she said 20 minutes. Julia then sent a private message to Lou, who was persuaded : “The world of Miss was for me inaccessible. She told me about his adventure, his journey to Tahiti, his encounters, and that convinced me”.

What Miss France 2020 has changed for it

Very happy to be in the competition Miss France 2020, the aix has entrusted to The Provence : “I play at home” (the election taking place in Marseille this year). What on the one hand makes him happy but on the other hand it adds an additional pressure. “I had never marched so far. It is a bit difficult when you look at the other Miss on stage, and to see that they are fully conversant with the approach. Some of them have really used. Sometimes, I can feel less comfortable,” she confided, “I had never coached. I grope a little, I am learning”.

As for the beauty contest, the beauty queen confessed that “it has not improperly changed” things in his life. “But on some points not at all,” she added, “I still live with my family, I always go to the caf. In my daily life, nothing has changed. But at the level of objectives, I have new. I have new goals, I made new friends. I had new opportunities that I never thought of before…”.

His response to the boycott of the election

Its strong points to get the crown ? “My spontaneity and my authenticity,” she told Paris Match, “I want to be myself and that people judge me for what I really am”.

As to the controversy around the election, judged to be non-feminist by Laurent Ruquier, who has called for a boycott of the Miss France 2020, Lou Ruat responded by defending the contest. “I think that to be able to scroll in a bathing suit and speak in front of many spectators, it must be a woman who takes charge in its entirety, that is to say, with his defects and his qualities because we all have them” she explained.

And regarding his future, Miss Provence 2019 already knows what she wants : “I would like to work in the area of sports management, a field still too reserved to men”.

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