Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat defends Clemency Botino in the face of criticism

Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat défend Clémence Botino face aux critiques

Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat (Miss Provence) defends Clemency Botino facing criticism since his coronation

Since his coronation, Miss France 2020 has to respond to the many criticisms on the social networks. Many users prefer the 1st runner-up, Lou Ruat (Miss Provence). This last has come out of the silence to defend Leniency Botino, finding that this becomes a “hard” against the beauty queen.

“It bothers me that hard as there are against it”

This Saturday 14 December 2019, Mercy Botino (Miss Guadeloupe) was crowned Miss France 2020 at the ceremony live from the Dome of Marseille, on the French channel TF1. Since his election, viewers are likely to complain. Indeed, on the social networks, it’s Lou Ruat (Miss Provence), which was part of the contestants favorite. The pretty blonde was sacred 1st runner up, which is already very good. The Miss has also thanked the people who voted for it. But for a lot of tweeters, it is still she who deserved the victory.

Angry with the critics that continue to rain down on Leniency Botino, Lou Ruat eventually break the silence to defend Miss France 2020. It has been entrusted to The Provence (the number on Tuesday 17 December 2019) : “It bothers me that hard as there are against it”. “It is not necessary, it is a pity,” explained the one who is proud of her scarf and finds that the attacks are overblown : “These criticisms are unjustified. The result of the voting is simple : one had only 1% difference”.

Lou Ruat explains that people “do not necessarily have voted”

While many users do not understand how Mercy Botino has won the crown of Miss France 2020 while it has few subscribers on social networks and that she was not the favorite of the jury, Lou Ruat has a small idea on the question. The people who say they are “disappointed” and “frustrated” of his defeat, “it may be that these people who criticise do not necessarily have voted”. Because to win the title of Miss France, it was not necessary to follow it on Instagram but vote for it.

The southerner has also pointed out that her rival who won the election is a good person. She as well thanked “for his liking” and advises her to “remain as she is”.

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