Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat, Florentine Somers… The 5 favorites of the contest

Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat, Florentine Somers... Les 5 favorites du concours

Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat, Florentine Somers… The 5 favorites of the contest

Who will succeed Vaimalama Chaves ? We will know at the ceremony of Miss France 2020 Saturday 14 December 2019 on TF1, en direct du Dome de Marseille. The show will be once again presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault. Among the favourites, we find Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019) and Florentine Somers (Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2019). Here are the 5 candidates who are well on their way to winning the crown !

Lou Ruat, Miss Provence

At just 19 years of age, Lou Ruat is part of the favorites for the title of Miss France 2020. It must be said that among the 30 candidates to the competition, it is Miss Provence, who holds the largest number of followers. On his account Instagram, she has over 200 000 subscribers. To such A point that this student license of eco-management in Aix-en-Provence has become influenceuse. The overwhelming favorite in the election has even been approached for The Marseillais on W9 and The Villa of Broken Hearts on TFX. But she refused to participate in these reality tv shows. With as much visibility and support, the pretty blonde will succeed in Vaimalama Chaves ?

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A publication sharing by Lou Ruat (@louruatoff) on 25 Nov. 2019 9 :07 am PST

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Free Souahlia, Miss Côte d’azur

Another southerner is also part of the favorite on the social networks : Free Souahlia. Student in business school in Nice, Miss Riviera Side is also 19 years old. As a baby, she has become a veteran of the photos becoming a model. After having stopped during his teenage years, has the applicant returned to the studio, including the advertising of the fragrance Azzaro Wanted, but also for fashion shows. But his dream is far from the podium : she would like to be an actress. Its a professional way to walk will she help him get the crown of Miss France by 2020 ?

Florence Somers, Miss Nord-pas-de-Calais

Iris Mittenaere, Camille Cerf and Maeve Coucke come to this region. This has brought a chance, so why not Florentine Somers ? Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 19 years of age she comes to get her tray support care and services to the person. Turned to her next, she is the godmother of the association that Listens to your heart, which helps families of children with autism. It is also a great sports practiced basketball for 2 years and dance as a youth. That is part of the favorite has also revealed to Paris Match to be a couple and assume : “No, I am not a heart to take but I have love to spare for all the French and all the French”.

Morgane Fradon, Miss Picardie

Users also speak about a lot of Morgane Fradon, 20 years. It must be said that it is for a very sad reason that Miss Picardie is entered in the competition. She told TV Magazine : “It is also a close friend of my family who died of cancer that I have done”. “After his chemotherapy treatment, she was almost healed. She told me that she could come see me compete at Miss Oise gold, two weeks after, she died. I am enrolled to pay homage to him” she explained. A beautiful gift for his dead friend. His will, his strength and his big heart will permit him to win ?

Sophie Diry, Miss Burgundy

This first-year student of Master in biochemistry and molecular biology in Dijon, will celebrate its 22 years for the adventure of Miss France 2020. Very independent, Sophie Diry is part of living in Canada last year for his studies. Miss Burgundy is so determined that she is coached by Naomi Bailly (Miss Bourgogne 2016) and by Maxime Rasera, sports coach in his city. His motivation and his training will they pay ?

Find the election of Miss France 2020 Saturday 14 December 2019 from 21h05 on TF1.

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