Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat (Miss Provence) responds, “I am proud of my scarf”

Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat (Miss Provence) réagit, "Je suis fière de mon écharpe"

Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019) elected 1st runner up Miss France 2020 : it reacts, people are always disappointed that it had not obtained the crown

On social networks, Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019) is by far the candidate most followed and the most beloved. But during the competition broadcast on Saturday 14 December 2019 on TF1, it has lost the face of Mercy Botino, becoming 1st runner up of Miss France 2020. The southerner responded to its place in the rankings. As internet users, they continued to complain and have expressed their disappointment on Twitter.

Lou Ruat reacts after the election

It is Mercy Botino, who was elected Miss France 2020 Saturday 14 December 2019 at the Dome of Marseille, live on TF1. The beauty queen has outstripped Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019), which arrived second and so 1st dauphine of Miss France. A defeat that the pretty blonde has taken it well, just part of the top 5 in the contest. On Instagram and on Twitter, the southerner responded to its place in the ranking and the coronation of his rival, Miss Guadeloupe.

“Thank you for all the support and energy that you have sent me yesterday evening. I took a real pleasure on stage and I hope that you have been able to feel since the Dome (or on your couch)” said Lou Ruat in the caption of a photo, “I am proud of my journey, my progress and proud of my scarf so thank you again. Congratulations to our new miss France”. On the image, Miss Provence 2019 is wearing the dress that she had during the show hosted by Jean-Pierre Foucault and proudly displays his sash 1st runner up Miss France 2020.

The tweeters are very disappointed

These are the viewers who have voted en masse for Leniency Botino, while the jury preferred to Lou Ruat. Miss Provence was also one of the 5 candidates favorites of the internet users. Besides, it is today still the most followed that the current Miss France 2020. On Twitter, many are complaining that the pretty blonde has not won. According to them, it was she who deserved to win the crown. The tweeters have compared Lou Ruat in Charlotte Pirroni : at that time also, they found that Charlotte Pirroni was the most beautiful of the competition, and had been disappointed of her defeat. Again, users wanted to be Miss Provence wins. They have therefore indicated their disappointment in several tweets.

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