Miss France 2020 : Lucy Caussanel (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon) reveals the reasons for his discomfort

Miss France 2020 : Lucie Caussanel (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon) révèle les raisons de son malaise

Miss France 2020 : Lucy Caussanel (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon) reveals the reasons for his discomfort live

On Saturday 14 December 2019 on TF1, it is Clemency Botino, who was elected Miss France in 2020. But the ceremony was happening at the Dome of Marseille has also been marked by a number of buzz, including the discomfort of Lucy Caussanel (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon). The candidate has reversed its fall and has explained the reasons of his fainting.

Miss Languedoc-Roussillon is explained

While users complain that Lou Ruat (Miss Provence) has not won and that Jade Simon Abadie (Miss Centre-Val de Loire) has become a meme, another Miss is also a lot to talk about on the social networks : Lucy Caussanel (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon). Why ? Because during the ceremony Miss France 2020, which took place on Saturday 14 December 2019 at the Dome of Marseille, she fainted live on TF1. Viewers were then able to see the output of the stage by bodyguards. She told Midi Libre : “even Before that Jean-Pierre Foucault’s announcement of the 4 semi-finalists in my group, I turned the heels and I’m ruined”.

For what reasons has it fallen in the apples ? “Since the beginning of the evening, I had a very, very hot. I considered leaving the scene, but I wanted to concatenate the tables. I had a headache and I felt like a point-of-hand”. “I really would like to clarify that the announcement of the results has absolutely nothing to do with my discomfort” she said, before revealing that it is also a bit of her fault if she ended up doing a malaise : “I hadn’t eaten since noon. I had not drank because I didn’t want to have a big belly under the swimsuit. I think I have not done the right things”.

“I’m not disappointed but I’m really pissed off”

Lucy Caussanel (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon) was explained to have been quickly taken care of after being in a swoon : “I was particularly taken with the tension and I was given sugar. I was able to come back on stage at the end of the show”. Since the election of Leniency Botino (Miss Guadeloupe), crowned Miss France 2020, the candidate who had been unwell she returned home and “everything is fine”. Well, almost.

“I’m not disappointed but I’m upset because I don’t understand some things. I participated in an evening where I have lived many surprises. I will not say more” unveiled the Miss, without specifying his thought. “That said, I admit that I prefer not to have rained in ten people in the pre-selection jury rather than the public, called for a vote as soon as the semi-finals” she added, to the attention of the jury of the beauty contest. Internet users “often speak of injustice about my elimination,” she added, “It gives me comfort”.

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