Miss France 2022: age, height, weight, couple, surgery … The real criteria to be a candidate

TOmandine Petit, Miss France 2021, in an interview for PRBK. What are the criteria to participate in Miss France? All the fans of the contest have already noted the date. It is this Saturday, December 11, 2021 that we can follow the election of Miss France 2022 on TF1. After Amandine Petit, who will be the big winner? Several favorites already stand out among the 29 candidates. But to get there, all had to pass the famous general culture test, but also meet many criteria. Minimum and maximum age, height, weight, surgery, sexy photos, right (or not) to be a couple … Back to the conditions to be able to participate in the Miss France contest.

It is the most anticipated competition of the year. On Saturday, December 11, the Miss France 2022 ceremony will take place in Caen, Normandy. As every year, it is Jean Pierre Foucault who will present us the 29 candidates in the running to become the most beautiful woman in France on TF1. Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021, will have to return her scarf and will have the mission of bequeathing it to the future big winner. For the most impatient, it is already possible to see the official photos of the candidates in dresses and swimsuits or to discover the Instagram accounts of all the candidates of Miss France 2022. But that's not all , it is also possible to answer the general culture test that the Miss France 2022 candidates took.

But to be Miss France, the young women who come forward must meet a certain number of criteria and accept several prohibitions: no alcohol, no tattooing, being single … here are the conditions to participate in Miss France.

An age limit, a minimum height, but total freedom for weight

And yes, to be elected Miss France 2022, you have to be major and be under 25 years of age . The 29 candidates this year are all between 18 and 24 years old. On their registration file is written: “ it is necessary be of French nationality, be registered in the civil status as being of the female sex, and be born between January 1, 1998 and November 1, 2004 “. That's not all, the misses from their regions must also make a minimum height: 1m70, without wearing heels. Regarding the weight, Sylvie Tellier, president of the Miss France committee had specified “ as long as I am there, we will never weigh the candidates”.

No piercing or tattooing

If you want to be Miss France but have a tattoo or a piercing, you won't be able to show up! Indeed, the Miss France committee forbids it. In recent years, tattoos of only 3cm have been allowed . They should be small and unobtrusive. For piercings, just remove them.

No smoking in public

During their regional election, the misses must not “ consume alcohol in public and/or prohibited substances ” < em> ni “to promote these products “. In addition, they must not be seen smoking in public.

No cosmetic surgery

To be elected Miss France, you have to be natural! Candidates are strictly forbidden to have cosmetic surgery . There is, however, one exception: the candidate may have had surgery only if it was restorative.

Prohibition on showing herself naked

This is undoubtedly the condition which made the most talk. Indeed, as explained in the rules of the national election: “He must not have participated in photo shoots, visual and/or audiovisual recordings likely to allow the public to use images representing the candidate without underwear or with clothing intentionally revealing private parts in a context erotic and/or pornographic “. Remember Valérie Bègue, Miss France 2018 was at the heart of a scandal following the publication of photos in suggestive poses taken a few years earlier in the magazine Interview .

Being single and not having children

For living the experience of Miss France thoroughly, that nor should not have a boyfriend. This is on paper. in fact, many were not single at the time of their election. On the other hand, each candidate must justify not having been neither pacsée nor married in the past and has the prohibition to have children before or during his reign.

No conviction

To be Miss France, the candidates had to present a clean criminal record . Candidates must not “ be or have not been the subject of any criminal prosecution and/or conviction “. And more generally, they must not “ have a behavior and/or a morality contrary to public order and/or to the values ​​of Miss France “.

Prohibition of doing propaganda

Whether on their social networks, on television or during their public appearance, the one who will become Miss France 2022 will in no case have the right to make political or religious propaganda and must not not “ utter in public, even in an ironic and second-degree fashion, racist and/or discriminatory remarks of any kind .”

No violence!

Miss France 2022 will obviously not have the right to have comments of violent characters nor to get carried away in front of the cameras. Candidates must not “ utter insults or make remarks detrimental to the honor or consideration of other candidates as well as of anyone else, nor to hold comments that could be considered as inciting hatred or violence “. And they must not “ exercise any form of violence , intimidation or harassment towards other candidates and/or members of the selection board” indicates the contest rules.

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