“Miss Ukraine 2019”: intrigues behind the scenes, secret admirers and affair with the sponsor of the contest

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"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

Marina Chios and Margarita Pasha

On September 12 at the Palace “Ukraine” held an annual beauty contest “Miss Ukraine”, and as a result of the jury vote decided the winner. The new “Miss Ukraine 2019” became a 24-year-old girl from the town of Margaret Pasha, who will represent our country in London on 15 December. The title of “Miss international” was the Chios Marina. We will see at the international competition in Tokyo on November 12.

In an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle girls openly talked about the high-profile scandals surrounding their victories, squabbles among members and secret admirers. In addition, the Marina Kios admitted if it helped her win the sister, who is one of the organizers of “Miss Ukraine”. And Margaret debunked all the myths about her affair with the sponsor of the beauty contest.

Watch the complete interview with “Miss Ukraine 2019” Margarita Pasha and “Miss international 2019” by Marina Kios:

How did you prepare for competition? And that was the most difficult during training?

For me this is not the first experience of participation in such competitions. Four years ago, I participated in the “Miss Ukraine” and then received the title of “Miss international”. Probably the one experience for me was the most difficult. But when I came back to the contest “Miss Ukraine 2019”, the thought out in advance each point, namely, what I need to work in the first place.

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

“Miss Ukraine 2019” Margarita Pasha

Marina: the Difficulty lay in the excitement and tension in which you are more than six months. I knew that when he woke up the day of the contest, my body will let me feel tired. Throughout the training you live on adrenaline, and when I really woke up that day, felt an inner strength. Realized that I have a clear goal.

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

“Miss International 2019” Marina Kios

Margaret, despite your extensive training and your confidence, there is fear to enter the international stage in London, which will host the “Miss world”?

I’m not yet aware of this fear, because we only started preparing for the competition “Miss world”. I will say one thing, I happen to know girls from Ukraine won international competitions, in particular Diana Harkusha, who took first place at the “Miss Ukraine universe 2014”. She guides me and gives important tips. I think I’m going to fly to London for the most prepared. I won’t say that much worried. Now I try to devote my free time to learning English to feel relaxed and free to communicate with members, of the jury. The only thing that I need to tighten up.

Marina, were you upset that he received the title “Miss international”, I would like to win?

I can’t say that just upset. To me this title is close, my sister Victoria once flew to Tokyo. It is with great admiration talked about the competition and the experience gained. I’m more happy that I “Miss international” than “Miss Earth”.

Your sister Victoria was one of the organizers of the competition. Many believe that she helped you win. Is it true or just a coincidence?

My sister Victoria was part of the jury, as it is written. First, she said nothing and didn’t vote, she didn’t even have bulletins! Second, the time on stage when I first went to the finals, and then I returned to the scene – coincidence. Just not all of the jury handed over the papers and the presenter then said that there was a recount.

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

Marina Kios with his sister Victoria

I also want to say that I was very supported by the rest of the participants. They told me that I was eligible to enter the finals and even win. When I passed on and went backstage, the reaction of all the girls: “what? No! That’s impossible.” To the extent participants in me that that people’s love cannot be faked. I was the sister of the Director of the competition and I was twice as difficult, rather than easier. I had to win the love of not just girls, but everyone. And what I’ve won? Yes, just being herself. The Sorority played no role.

Margaret, around your victory is also not a few scandals. The main one is that you ascribe an affair with the sponsor of the contest Alexander Guzenko, who allegedly bought the victory.

Start with the fact that in this contest I am participating for the first time. And I came here with a certain experience, was confident and this could cause the participants of the doubt, though I already know the results. But it’s not. Before the contest, I met with the owner of the contest Yuri Ageev, like all girls. Yuri in a circle of a lot of successful people and maybe Alexander is one of them. And the rumors always were and will be! Show me a member of “Miss Ukraine”, which was not attributed to the novel and did not say that she bought the crown.

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

Interviews with the winners of the Ukrainian beauty contest

I consider myself a leader and through sport I have tempered character. I won’t say that came as the winner, but I knew what my goal in the contest. Perhaps my inner state is somehow reflected on the girls. I repeat, that came with a certain experience, and many thought it was rigged. Although it is not so!

December 15, I will represent our country in international competition and instead ridicule us on the Internet, I urge us to support. For some reason Ukraine is different negative trait, and we constantly ridicule people who instantly become successful or famous. Let’s to treat this loyal and change their stereotypes. I’m sure that our support people will help me at the “Miss world”. I really want Ukraine this year came in tops. I am responsible for our country.

A lot of people come together in groups to go to London and I was there to support. I really hope that people will change their minds and stop haapiti on rumors and negativity around me. All that is written on the Internet about me – baiting. But I myself proved that it was worthy of the crown.

Of the Internet users concerned about the issue, why don’t you tell me about your family? You have something to hide?

I did not hide. I am from Kharkov, from a large family. We moved to this town when I was three years old. Yes, I was born in Russia, but are a citizen of Ukraine – I have a passport. I could not choose where to be born. In Ukraine, I grew up, went to kindergarten and were educated. I do not understand people who cling to it and put the emphasis on my personal life.

About my mom, I admire this woman – she built a business and worked a lot. I don’t say that from a wealthy family, but my mom provided me with everything necessary. I do not deny his family, just why do I have to make the audience. You need to know about me as a person.

You are a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. Why the Internet is not a single video of your speech?

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

24-year-old “Miss Ukraine 2019”

It was 10 years ago and at that time nobody filmed. Rhythmic gymnastics is a young sport, and I’m not Olympic champion, to show off their performances. Mom may still have some records, you can try to find them and post later.

On your page in Instagram posted a photo with a luxurious bouquets, but at the same time say that your heart is free. Who is this secret admirer?

I have no relations, and I will explain why. I can’t combine, I’m that person who deals one case and immersed in it. All relationships require attention. I Wake up at 4 am, so at 7 to be in the air. I have no free time! I knew it, especially when they were preparing for the competition. At the moment I chose this path for yourself.

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“Miss Ukraine 2019”: what post to Instagram, the 24-year-old Margarita Pasha

I have a lot of fans. I do not hide it. I am an attractive girl, confident and, most likely, and appealing to men. I also have many friends who just give me flowers. And these huge bouquets from Instagram sent me a secret admirer who didn’t even say who he is. About two months later, he was leaving flowers, and I didn’t want to give them up. I believe in some fairy tale, and they happen around me. I’m a beautiful successful woman, why I can’t be flowers (laughs).

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

Margarita Pasha

What was the atmosphere inside the competition? You made friends with the participants or on the contrary put a spoke in the wheel?

Marina: I went to the contest with the stigma – the Director’s sister. But, to my surprise, girls are very supported me. Nine days we lived with the participants in the camp under one roof, where they prepare for competition. During this period, I felt comfortable like I’ve known all for many years. Heard the phrase: “Marina, if you win, you can’t be”. It is so nice. For me girls was a revelation.

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

24-year-old Marina Kios

Margarita: I’m not going to hide anything, I want to be honest. I have not so was at the Marina. This may not publicly shown, but energetically felt. I was not traumatized and did not give reason to doubt yourself. I came into the competition with a purpose and didn’t want to be distracted.

In addition to the crowns you received the money – the 200 and 400 thousand hryvnias. How will you manage funds?

Marina: I will spend 200 thousand hryvnias for the preparation to the competition in Tokyo, which requires a huge investment. Yes, we have many sponsors offering designer clothes and makeup, but still need Finance.

Margarita: I Want to spend the winnings on building a children’s sports center. It is clear that this money is not enough, but still. The rest will be spent on preparations for the international competition in London.

There is no limit to perfection. Want something to change in yourself?

Marina: No. Today, I would not want to change. What will happen next, I don’t know.

Margarita: I also don’t want anything to change in yourself and believe that natural beauty comes with a certain twist. Not need to be equal to fashion trends, one stereotype of beauty. The most important thing is your internal energy and femininity that you carry. No matter what your breast size, nose and lips. The heat and energy that is what attracts men and people.

"Мисс Украина 2019": об интригах закулисья, тайных поклонниках и романе со спонсором конкурса

“Miss Ukraine” and “Miss international” 2019

What are your future plans? What will you do after participating in the international competition?

Marina: I Have a lot of plans. I work in the field of television from 20 years and want to continue to develop in this. I would like to promote and run the program author. A modeling career can be wired in parallel to combine.

Margarita: December 15, a “Miss world” and while I do not know the results of the competition, so plans to build will up. Of course, thanks to the victory in “Miss Ukraine” I have received a lot of offers in the modeling field. All, in December I got a master’s diploma. I will say this, the year painted (laughs).

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