“Miss Ukraine 2019” Margarita Pasha admitted, did plastic surgery

24-year-old Margarita Pasha said when they will do plastic surgery

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“Miss Ukraine 2019” admitted, did plastic surgery

The winner of the contest “Miss Ukraine 2019” Margarita Pasha visited the best award in the field of plastic surgery. The winner of the title most beautiful girls in the country admitted, did plastic surgery.

“No, I didn’t do plastic surgeries and hope that the next 10 years, perhaps 20, will not. I have already started to all his duties. So here I am,” says Margarita Pasha.

It turned out that a visit to award Stella International Beauty Awards is the responsibility of the owner of the title “Miss Ukraine”. By the way, the event was held for the third time.

"Мисс Украина 2019" Маргарита Паша призналась, делала ли пластические операции

The Winner Of Miss Ukraine 2019 Margarita Pasha

“To reward the best professionals in the field of plastic surgery. We have many experts in the country, more than 50 thousand, and all deserve attention”, – says Dmitry Slosser, plastic surgeon and organizer of the award.
Note, other notable guests of the evening and did not conceal to know about the novelties of cosmetology and the names of the best experts will not be superfluous.

Star is not against surgery and beauty shots, check out “Sarcofago the way”.

Earlier we wrote about what we know about the winner of the contest “Miss Ukraine 2019” Margarita Pasha.

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