“Miss Ukraine 2019”: revelations Ukrainian stars on the beauty contest

The main competition of the country through the eyes of artists

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 "Мисс Украина 2019": откровения украинских звезд о конкурсе красоты

Irina Gorovaya, Kateryna Kuhar and Nikolay Tishchenko

On September 12 at the Palace “Ukraine” held an annual beauty contest “Miss Ukraine”, and as a result of the jury vote decided the winner. The new “Miss Ukraine 2019” became a 24-year-old girl from the town of Margaret Pasha.

A resident of Chernivtsi Irina Nikola reached the final large-scale competition “Miss Italy”:

The main rule of show – natural without any surgical procedures. Behind the scenes of the beauty contest Today.Lyfestyle talked with representatives of Ukrainian variety art and learned what they mean by the word “beauty” and what should be the main beauty of the country – “Miss Ukraine”.

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The first selection criteria of the winner shared with us by one of the members of the jury, restaurateur and people’s Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Tishchenko.

“First, beauty is a must attend. Secondly, her mind is also important, because I believe a woman should be harmonious. The beauty of the girls in General appear in her eyes. All the participants I saw before the competition at the casting and during rehearsal. I didn’t have favorites, my mistress – wife (Alla Baranovskaya, – Ed.)”, – said 47-year-old Nikolay Tishchenko.

Also managed to chat with another member of the jury – ex-wife Potap and MOZGI Entertainment producer Irina Gorovoy. 41-year-old celebrity, like last year, again praised the beauty of Ukrainian girls. Today.Lyfestyle Irina confessed that she has her own, special criteria for beauty.

“For me the important internal energy, naturalness, unobtrusiveness and personality. Don’t really like girls who act too provocatively. Standards according to the type of slender figure, the same lips, shape of the nose I don’t like and these girls are not ideal. For me a girl is a complex of all, man must be memorable. The mind certainly is different, but something has to hook me. In the past the competition like a girl, which was not like the others”, – says the Biol.

Speaking about plastic surgery, ex-wife of the captain admits that this is the place to be if one becomes a little happier. But, according to the producer, and member of the jury, should not overdo it – when clearly evident surgical intervention, it is not beauty.

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For naturalness is a Ukrainian singer, ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” Anastasia Kozhevnikova. According to her, the main standard of female beauty is a genuine smile: “When a woman in harmony with herself, his smile was really sincere. And, whatever the girl was, with his external disadvantages, this kind of smile can make amends and make her dazzlingly beautiful.”

The actress also spoke about plastic surgery and admitted that is not subjected to such methods have only increased the piece of tooth that was damaged in childhood.

“I personally didn’t do plastic surgery, the only thing I have narushenie – piece of a tooth. But, many of my friends was doing a transaction and it brought them happiness. Let them! But, I’d like to look for happiness anywhere, not in the artificial condition. I don’t know how I lived with something extra” – the singer admits.

But the most eloquent was the band “Antibodies”. Lead singer of pop rock band Taras Poplar does not believe in the beauty contest, particularly in the “Miss Ukraine”, as he believes that it’s not really a fair show.

“To tell you honestly? To become “Miss Ukraine”, you need to be in the right place, at the right time. We don’t approve, we just analyze it with previous experience. Objectively, Ukrainian girls – beautiful ladies. It is influenced by many historical factors in our nation got a lot of genes, and this collaboration yields a beautiful symptoms. Ukrainian woman is a bonus from nature. And it recognizes the whole world,” says the husband of the singer ALYOSHA.

To all Taras added that in the framework of the beauty contest there is a lot of competition, because all Ukrainian girls – beautiful ladies. As Nikolay Tishchenko and Taras poplars no favorites among the participants, the main beauty is his mate.

Previously, we also showed the winners of the contest “Miss Ukraine” for 28 years.

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 "Мисс Украина 2019": откровения украинских звезд о конкурсе красоты

 "Мисс Украина 2019": откровения украинских звезд о конкурсе красоты

 "Мисс Украина 2019": откровения украинских звезд о конкурсе красоты


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