Miss Universe 2019 : Maëva Coucke fall violently in full parade, she reacts with a sense of humor

Miss Univers 2019 : Maëva Coucke chute violemment en plein défilé, elle réagit avec humour

Miss Universe 2019 : Maëva Coucke fall violently in full parade, she reacts with a sense of humor

This is not easy every day to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. While Maeve Coucke (Miss France 2018) on parade in a swimsuit on the podium on the occasion of the contest Miss Universe 2019, the French is heavily fallen in front of the public.

Maeve Coucke fall in full parade

Unless a miracle of last-minute, Maeve Coucke should not be elected Miss Universe 2019. While the competition will take place this Sunday, December 8 at Atlanta (USA), the successor of Vaimalama Chaves – who has withdrawn for this year, has already virtually eliminated all alone at the occasion of a first parade in a swimsuit, which accounted for a first test.

You can discover it on Twitter, the Miss France 2018 has just fallen on the podium during its passage. A drop so heavy that violent, so let us fear the worst for his chances of victory in a contest where the slightest little mistake does not have its place, even if it has well caught up with the shot, putting the crowd in the pocket in rising.

The Miss reassures the public

However, don’t worry, Maeve Coucke goes well. Despite the disappointment related to this accident, she was keen to reassure his fans on his account Instagram : “I want to tell you that it went pretty well besides the fact that I was completely fallen to the earth. I wanted to do a little video to tell you that I am not hurt. I want to say, it is the fault not of chance, it is the fault on the ground, it is the fault of the heels… I don’t know. In short, I slipped but here I noted. This is not very serious, it does happen, it is live. There are things that you don’t control and unfortunately you don’t control the falls.

And the good news is that this event has not lost its sense of humour : “But good apart from that I am very happy to have past the preliminary tonight. I think it will remain in the annals. But now, I thank you for your messages and support, it’s a pleasure.

Of course, it is still too early to say that it will not experience the same fate as Iris Mittenaere, but their chances come from… fall.

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