“Missed opportunity,” the mistress of Vladimir Ostapchuk reminded of his ex-wife Elena

"Упустила возможность", - любовница Владимира Остапчука вспомнила о его  бывшей жене Елене

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Popular Ukrainian TV presenter, host of “Eurovision” and finalist show “Dances with stars z” Vladimir Ostapchuk, who recently announced divorce from his wife, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. Celebrity after breaking up with the mother of his two children Elena Voichenko, who had accused her husband of adultery, has long concealed a personal life, while the most attentive fans have not discovered about his new mistress – a 33-year-old notary named Christine. It will be recalled that the pair met back in the summer at a wedding in Italy where Vladimir was leading, and she Christina is a bridesmaid. She recently spoke about why every woman should work and be financially independent, and some followers decided that the way Christina wants to hint at his ex-wife Elena Ostapchuk, who mostly sat with the children.

“It’s important for women to earn and have your income, being married or in a pair?
There is definitely no “right” or “wrong”! To each his own! The topic of money in a couple and the theme of authority (credibility) in the relationship was always very interesting!
How important is it for women to have their own income, decides She’s the only one! If to speak about me, I fit the model of a relationship where I am definitely going to work to get income, spend it on your small needs: cosmetologists, barbers, cosmetic, something of the things, gifts to the beloved and all sorts of stuff, and the basic needs and financial responsibility for the family will bear my man! If my income will be equivalent to His, we will invest in our future together, but in the case of the consumption share will be too! But, after all, a woman is not the breadwinner, as for me! Although nowadays the roles were reversed, and for some it’s OK
But I think getting into complete financial dependence in a material respect from men, as you would be in a weaker position.
How many cases I know when a woman lives with her husband only because at the time, she missed the opportunity to build a career and earn money, and now can not, afraid, or just lazy. Eat it thinking: “But how can I leave him, I I will live without money”… I Think it is important to discuss on the shore, to discuss their perspective on this, after all, love is love, but the topic of finances in a couple, believe me not in last place! Having discussed all the topics, we are adults, the conscious attitude, without stereotypes or conjecture!“, – shared their advice Christine.

"Упустила возможность", - любовница Владимира Остапчука вспомнила о его  бывшей жене Елене

"Упустила возможность", - любовница Владимира Остапчука вспомнила о его  бывшей жене Елене

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Recall that Ostapchuk after a divorce and “Dancing with the stars” I couldn’t resist.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ostapchuk was handcuffed and locked in a cage.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the Ostapchuk after “Dancing with the stars” and painful divorce urgently needed assistance to the Ukrainians.

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