Missing in Saint-Apollinaire: where are the father and his two daughters ?

Disparues à Saint-Apollinaire: où sont le père et ses deux filles ?

A mother of Lévis worried, still waiting to know where to find her two children missing since Wednesday evening following a mysterious car accident in which the occupants have never been seen after the violent swerving.

An Amber alert was triggered on Thursday in relation to the accident occurred on Wednesday evening, in the sector of Saint-Apollinaire. A father and his two daughters are sought after and the man is now a suspect.

Norah, age 11, and Romy, 6 years old, and their father, Martin Carpentier, 44, remain unobtainable for the moment. “We need to regain my daughters and their dad,” implores Emily Lemieux, the mother of two children.

“We do not know more than what they got here as information. It is left for a soft ice cream, he stopped in a convenience store and there has been an accident “, she confided before the Amber alert is initiated.

Wednesday evening, around 21: 30 p.m., a motorist reported the presence of the crashed vehicle along highway 20, near to kilometer 288.


  • Listen to the interview of Felix Seguin with Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:

The driver would swerve while travelling in east direction. He would have left the floor, and then made barrels in the central median, to finish his race in the bays in a western direction, says Louis-Philippe Bibeau, information officer of the Sûreté du Québec.

The mystery is all the more troubling that witnesses said that the cabin was already empty when they approached the crashed vehicle.


There would have been only a very short delay between the impact and the time of the report. “The car was heading for Quebec and left the road to cross the median. She grabbed the sign, tore down trees and made barrels, ” said Lyne Provencher, on the premises.

“The car arrived in front of me suddenly. I braked quickly and I am packed to avoid having a collision, ” says Ms. Provencher. She said he ran to the vehicle to find that it was empty. They searched the passengers, to no avail.

A cell phone — presumably the father — was found in the vehicle. There was also a booster seat.


  • Listen to the interview of the spokesman of the S. Q Anick Lamirande, Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:

The maternal grandfather of the girls phoned on the cell, worrying not to see it happen, according to Ms. Provencher.

The SQ says that the alert has not been started on-the-field because there were more checks are important to do after the accident.


The SQ remains cautious on the amount of information released, but the help of the public is solicited. A dam has also been erected to intercept motorists. The whole area has been raked and the citizens must keep the eye open.

“We ask for people who live near the place where was found the vehicle to check in to their cottage, cottages, land, wood, or other relevant locations,” says the spokesperson Ann Mathieu.

The parents of the two children are separated from 2015. On Thursday, several members of the family gathered at the residence of the father sought after. The police were also on site. Martin Carpentier is a house painter. He has no history of the judiciary.

– With the collaboration of Dominique Lelièvre, Pierre-Paul Biron, Nicolas Saillant and Jean-François Racine

Chronology of events


  • 20: 30: Martin Carpentier and the two girls were spotted for the last time in Levis.
  • 21: 30: Accident on highway 20, heading west, Saint-Apollinaire. The police have scoured the area, but have not found anyone.
  • Investigators work throughout the night.


  • A helicopter flies over the scene of the accident. The ground searches are performed. We meet the loved ones.
  • 15 pm: Amber Alert

At the time of going to press, the trio was not found.

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