“Mission accomplished” for the military in a CHSLD

«Mission accomplie» pour les militaires en CHSLD

The mission of canadian soldiers in NURSING homes came to an end Thursday. Even if the virus is still present, the military leave saying “mission accomplished” as they see a huge difference since their arrival.

Canadian soldiers have been working for about three months in 47 NURSING homes different. Most have already left their NURSING homes, but some military personnel will remain in support to four facilities in Quebec, announced Friday the federal government. Three soldiers quebecers look back on this experience they are not ready to forget.

Captain nurse / Myriam Moreau / CSHLD Auclair et CHSLD de la Rive

“We have seen a huge improvement in the level of care and quality of life of residents,” confirms captain Moreau, a nurse by profession.

Some patients couldn’t even eat and walk all alone, on his arrival in a CHSLD. Two months later, these same patients were again able to feed and move by their own means.

The presence of the military has helped a lot to better delineate the areas in NURSING homes, to define the level of infectiousness of each patient, as well as to teach the correct port of the personal protective equipment, according to Myriam Moreau.

The nurse is in isolation until Sunday, after which she will return to her home.

Major / Marc Thébaud / 10 CHSLD

“I leave knowing that the task has been accomplished. The situation of crisis that there was initially is not the same situation that we have currently, launches from the outset the major. And that, I see that with the smile of patients and employees of health”.

From the 28th of April, the major and his team of commanders who have been deployed to Montreal to do the recognition in a CHSLD. The major Thébaud then supervised 187 soldiers, who have worked in 10 CHSLD different during the two months following. Himself a native of the metropolis, it has found particular to carry out an operation where they grew up.

“To work in Quebec, to get closer to the community, the elderly, it was to grow up the regiment for the better, and that is something that we will remember for years to come,” he says.

Corporal / Hugo Simard / CHSLD Grace Dart

“There are plenty of soldiers who were so dedicated in their job that the patients were crying when they knew that we were going,” explains the corporal Simard.

He and his team of 11 soldiers arrived at CHSLD Grace Dart at the end of April.

“There was a great shortage of staff on our arrival or because they were ill or they were in quarantine”, he adds.

The first two weeks have been extremely intense, ” recalled master-corporal. But with the return of many employees of the health, they have managed to resume the top to the CHSLD. They have left the institution on the 1st of June and began a quarantine of fourteen days.

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