Mission Impossible 7 : the shooting interrupted in Italy because of the Coronavirus

Mission Impossible 7 : le tournage interrompu en Italie à cause du Coronavirus

Mission Impossible 7 : shooting in Italy interrupted because of the Coronavirus

Ethan Hunt will return soon for a new Mission Impossible film. The release date of the 7th component is already announced as it is expected in cinemas for the summer of 2021. Tom Cruise and the team of the film had to put their suitcases in the region of Venice, Italy, for several weeks in order to put them in a box of scenes from Mission Impossible 7 but the filming has to be stopped because of the outbreak of Coronavirus, which has spread from a few days at our neighbours.

Since the end of 2019, the epidemic of Coronavirus is rampant in China and is spreading around the world. Since this weekend, this is Italy, which faces a surprising and disturbing pic of contamination, particularly in the north of the country. 2 663 died in China since the beginning of the epidemic. In Italy, which is the most affected country in Europe, seven people are dead.

The filming of Mission Impossible 7 pause

Shortly, Tom Cruise and the team of Mission Impossible 7 were due to start filming in three weeks in Venice and its surroundings. If, contrary to rumors, the filming of the next Asterix and Obelix in China is not canceled due to the Coronavirus, so, it really is the case for the new film of the adventures of Ethan Hunt. This is the american site Deadline, which was the first to report the info, then confirmed by Paramount Pictures, the studio producing the film.

The local government has decided to limit the gatherings to prevent any risk of propagation, the movie should revise its production plan and the teams were able to return home. “For reasons of security and for the well-being of our cast and teams (..) we have to change the production plan for our shoot for three weeks in Venice, the first session of filming of Mission Impossible 7. (…) We continue to monitor the situation and work with government officials and health to follow this evolution,” advised the studio to Entertainment Weekly.

Impossible to know yet whether this setback will have an impact on the release date. The film is currently scheduled for July 23, 2021 in the United States. Tom Cruise has already announced that an eighth Mission Impossible would also be rotated : it will be released in August 2022.

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