Mister V and Jul unveil their feat effective “Pirelli”

Mister V and Jul unveil their feat effective “Pirelli”

“MVP”, the second album from Mister V is here ! Three years after “Double V”, YouTubeur, become a rapper, is back on the music scene with a new opus effective, on which he invites PLK (Never), ” – Dosseh (Gang) and… Jul (Pirelli). Yvick Letexier is clearly past at top speed : listen its studio project on PRBK.

Mister V unveils his new album “MVP”

While Squeezie just getting started in music with his first title, Influencers, Mister V has already a foot in the door for a few years now. It is also imposed in the industry in may 2017 when he released his first album “Double V”, and continues his career, this January 31, 2020, with its second opus “MVP” carried by the sound, Never in feat with PLK.

The interpreter of Polak is not the only artist with whom Mister V has been working on his new studio project : it is also associated with ” – Dosseh, the title Gang, and Jul on the song Pirelli. The rapper from marseille and Yvick Letexier associate on a beat heady to talk about drug trafficking : “Will be under the wheel of my Subaru ? My own worst enemy And in my oinj’, I use the tire of my Pirelli / They sell the death to the love of profit / And I’m sure ber-tom if I’m on the concrete as Pirelli / And the jealous me turn around / As the flicaille in an oven“.

Users validate

Mister V hits very hard with his album “MVP”. For proof, the majority of internet users the validate : “Huge the new album of @MisterVonline !!!!“, “The album Mister V is a heaviness“, “mister V he is a true lease“, “huge album of #misterV ! A true identity, it’s square!“, “I validate completely the album Mister V“, “incredible album of @MisterVonline shocked but not disappointed“, “The album Mister V is huge“, can we read on Twitter.

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