Mister V unveils the music video “Never” with PLK and announces the release of his new album

Mister V unveils the clip to “Never” in feat with PLK and announces the release of his new album

Two years after “Double V”, Mister V has finally announce the official release date of their second album. To share the good news, the YouTubeur and rapper unveils the video for Never featuring with PLK. A duo hyper efficient which gives a good first glimpse of the future opus of Yvick Letexier, of his real name.

On may 19, 2017, the musical career of Mister V has taken a new turn with the release of his first rap album “Double V” sold more than 100,000 copies : “The work it was mostly for people to take the album and listen to it understanding that this is not a parody and that I really wanted to do it seriously“, he confided in an interview with PRBK two years ago. Since then, the YouTubeur has repeatedly teasé the arrival of his second opus… without ever having to say more.

“Second album, forced to do the dirty”

Well, things are accelerating as Mister V has finally announced the official release of his second album. So, when is it expected ? For the… January 31, 2020 ! Still a little bit of patience, but to avoid that the wait is too long, the rapper has balanced the good news with the online clip Ever featuring with PLK. Rather stylish, no ? The two artists combine on a powerful sound, with a lot of auto-tune, in which Mister V color ad for his new opus : “the Second album, forced to do the dirty / The time, it is money, I don’t have to waste time.

For the moment, we do not know if there will be other collabs, but in any case, one thing is for sure, if Damso had not been there, one who has parodied Koba LaD in his video Rap Vs Reality 2 would surely never come out of new album.

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