Mistress of Vladimir Ostapchuk admitted as conquered showman, it’s all about sexuality

Любовница Владимира Остапчука призналась, как покорила шоумена, все дело в сексуальности

Vladimir Ostapchuk, instagram.com/vova_ostapchuk/

yesterday, 20:05

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter, host of “Eurovision” and finalist show “Dances with stars z” Vladimir Ostapchuk, who recently announced divorce from his wife, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. Celebrity after breaking up with the mother of his two children Elena Voichenko, who had accused her husband of adultery, has long concealed a personal life, while the most attentive fans have not discovered about his new mistress – a 33-year-old notary named Christine. It will be recalled that the pair met back in the summer at a wedding in Italy where Vladimir was leading, and she Christina is a bridesmaid. And recently a girl started talking about female sexuality, which helped her win the heart of a showman.

“Female sexuality – nature told her to be a magnet!

Have You ever wondered what attracts a man to a woman?

Sometimes I look at couples and think, “what did he see in her”?

Think so? Only now no curve soul 😂

And it’s simple! They radiate attractive energy and most importantly she’s blonde or brunette, weighs 45 kg or 80?! The main thing-sexuality! Interestingly, a natural reality or the result of special techniques and exercises?

I always thought that this woman is born! But now I understand that it is possible to learn!

For me there are several components of female sexuality:
🔺Pheromones! Agree how important smells! And I’m not talking about spirits! Natural smell our card! And the reflection of sexuality!

🔺Emotional openness! When the girl opened and all his movements shows that they are ready to acquaintance, rapprochement, communication and so on! And the man makes a retaliatory move. Created chuvstvennoe field for two.

🔺The ability to get pleasure from life and from sex. We are often not aware of how internal barriers prevent us. Many grow up with a sense that sexuality is bad and shameful. So themselves “good girls” are not! We constrained the false attitudes. Freed from false shame in the relationship and pulling from the subconscious of our sexuality, we become a step closer to the “female inner harmony, confidence”!

🔺Brain!!!! Most sexy in a woman is the brain! Millions of beautiful women with large/small Breasts, buttocks, long legs, but The one who has brain, will always be the first among them!

It is important, of course, understand the difference between “sexuality” and “vulgarity”!

Not always to look sexy is to wear a mini, sometimes just a flutter of the eyelashes or the delicate alignment of the curls will be more sexy than a flashy outfit!
Check for yourself ✅”, –
shared her tips new woman Vladimir Ostapchuk.

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Recall that Ostapchuk after a divorce and “Dancing with the stars” I couldn’t resist.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ostapchuk was handcuffed and locked in a cage.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the Ostapchuk after “Dancing with the stars” and painful divorce urgently needed assistance to the Ukrainians.

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