Mitsou, Abeille and Noémie tell their stories without censorship in a new book

Mitsou, Abeille and Noémie tell their story without censorship in a new book< /p> UPDATE DAY

Mitsou and her two sisters, Abeille and Noémie, reveal themselves like never before in their new book, Inspired Well-Being. Wishing to share their vision of life in terms of well-being, they tell their stories without censorship, letting readers, over the pages, enter into their intimacy.

No subject is taboo for the Gélinas sisters. They are also comfortable talking about sexuality, various problems related to femininity, romantic relationships, sensuality or even friendship, with the common point of the quest for well-being. 

< p>“What is interesting to have written this book with six hands, is that we each have our own values”, launches Mitsou from the outset. 

Thus, the intention is to transmit different ideals, allowing more women to recognize themselves in this book. Moreover, Mitsou invites each reader to become his sister through this book. 

“We tell each other without censorship to better evolve, united by a relationship that elevates us mutually, in all complicity”, she confides while specifying that this book is also intended for men, if only to better understand women.

Beautiful complicity

What we notice right away is the magnificent bond that reigns between the three sisters.

“I think there are a lot of parents who try to create harmony in the family, but it doesn't always work,” says Mitsou. For my mother, it was extremely important that her children be united. As a child, if I received a friend, it was impossible for me to close my door to my little sister, even if she was four and a half years younger than me. 

Thus, the Gélinas sisters had to always be in inclusive mode at home or risk being refused a children's party. As a result, the three sisters share everything without censorship. 

“For me, it's impossible to live otherwise,” adds Mitsou, aware that there are unusual chemistry between them.< /p>

Jealousy between sisters does not exist, nor does the spirit of competition. They are more in respect and encouragement mode, and this goes for all women outside the family nucleus. 

“It is important to encourage yourself to see further and to persevere, even during the greatest challenges,” says the one who hosted on the radio for more than 20 years.

In complete harmony

In fact, the mother of the trio, Yuki Rioux, who signs the preface, indicates the importance of loving one another. As we all have to face adversity in life, we must learn to get up with grace and dignity after falling. “They are so close: I know they are allies for life,” she wrote.

Balance and harmony between the body, the heart and the spirit, these are the values ​​that the three authors advocate.

Treat yourself with respect, even when you blame yourself, it is this is a form of self-compassion.

You can fail while following a diet, make mistakes while educating your children, or even wet your dress while dancing, this is the story of Abeille who, since then, has taken matters into her own hands, no matter, no one is perfect and we must love each other in spite of everything, to then do better by learning from the mistakes made. 

Yoni eggs, holistic vision of well-being, physical exercises, vegetarianism are just a few -some of the themes covered. 

Mitsou lifts the veil on everything, even the nudity that made him famous in the Tell me, tell me video.  

“Nudity isn’t daring, it starts with my hippy, avant-garde parents,” she concludes. 

♦ You can follow Mitsou and her columns on the web on Mitsou Magazine, the media she founded and has been running for 20 years, She is also co-founder of the companies, Groupe Dazmo, Grandé Studios and Ray-on.

♦ Noémie is a massage therapist, she is also the author of the book, Stomach massage and oriental philosophy for all .

♦ Abeille is a DJ and content creator, among other things.