Mitt Romney denounces an act of “corruption history”

Mitt Romney dénonce un acte de «corruption historique»

The republican senator Mitt Romney, one of the few members of the president’s party to publicly criticize Donald Trump, has strongly attacked on Saturday the decision of the president on the eve of commute the sentence of his friend Roger Stone.

“Corruption is historic, unprecedented: an american president commutes the prison sentence of a person convicted by a jury for having lied to protect this president,” tweeted Mitt Romney, the former republican candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

Roger Stone had been found guilty in November to having lied to Congress, and bribery of a witness in the framework of the investigation on possible links between the campaign team of Trump and the Russian federation.

Political adviser to Trump intermittently for more than 20 years, the sexagenarian the top color had been sentenced to spend 40 months behind bars. He was to begin his sentence next week.

But Donald Trump has never hidden his desire to spare the prison to his former advisor. “Roger Stone has been the target of a witch hunt that never should have happened,” he again said in a tweet Saturday morning.

Mitt Romney, the only member of the Grand Old Party to be voted in February in favor of the impeachment of Donald Trump in the case of Russian, is the first influential member of the republican party to rise up publicly against this presidential decision.

The democrats shout them to the scandal since the announcement on Friday.

“The decision of Donald Trump to commute the sentence of his advisor campaign Roger Stone (…) is an act of corruption staggering,” said Friday the head of the democrats in the us Congress, Nancy Pelosi.

“The Congress will take action to prevent this kind of mischief shameless”, she continued in a press release. “We need to legislate to ensure that no president can pardon or commute the sentence of an individual involved in a campaign of concealment to protect the same president from criminal prosecution.”

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