MLB: all teams will continue with their camps to home

MLB: toutes les équipes poursuivront leurs camps à domicile

The significant increase in cases of COVID-19 in Florida and Arizona, where most of the training centres of the MLB, has convinced the various teams in major league baseball to continue their training camps spring up in their cities.

This was reported Saturday by the journalist Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

This decision follows the announcement of several new cases across the league and the decision of major league baseball to temporarily close all the training centers of Florida and Arizona. Installations are required to undergo a deep cleaning and no player or employee will now be able to enter without having undergone a screening test.

The governor of the State of New York Andrew Cuomo has also said Saturday that the Mets and the Yankees will continue their camps in New York.

The Toronto Blue Jays may be the only formation to continue its camp away from home due to restrictions at the canada-u.s. border.

According to Bob Nightengale, the Jays could even share the Tropicana Field with the Tampa Bay Rays this season, for their home games.

Rapid increase in cases

The situation in Florida is particularly worrisome, as the State has recorded a fourth day to a record in a row, Saturday, to the number of new cases of coronavirus (4049). Florida now has 93 797, an increase of more than 26 000 in 10 days.

Several teams in major league baseball who train in Florida have not been spared by the virus. In fact, the Philadelphia Phillies announced Friday that eight members of their organization, including five players, had been infected.

In the course of the same day, a pitcher of the Toronto Blue Jays and a player of the Houston Astros, who train both in Florida, have also been declared positive.

The Phillies and the Blue Jays have quickly announced the closure of their facilities more florida links underpin. The San Francisco Giants have done the same with their center of Scottsdale, Arizona, after a visitor had presented symptoms of the COVID.

Finally, the New York Post reported Saturday that four members of the organization of the Yankees were infected with the coronavirus. The four affected individuals were working in the facilities team in Tampa.

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