MLB: Blue Jays hunt Cardinals

MLB: Blue Jays hunt Cardinals


After being swept away by the Seattle Mariners earlier this month, the Toronto Blue Jays have shown a whole new face: they have just annihilated the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. They will soon tackle a completely different challenge against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Canada's only major league team has easily overcome the most important challenge of its season against its immediate rival in the East section of the American. The Sox saw all the colors and lost the series 40 to 10, the accumulation of the three games.

“We did what good teams do by identifying a weakness,” Ross Stripling told Sportsnet. The Red Sox are obviously weakened by injuries and haven't played at the level they're used to.

“We took our chance and swept them at Fenway for the first time in seven or eight years. That's what good teams do when they smell blood in the water: they go hunting.”

The Jays will try to outplay another downsized team, but not for the same reasons. The Cardswill be deprived of the services of their star players Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado as well as their reserve Austin Romine because their vaccination status does not allow them to cross the Canadian border.

“It is a personal choice that has no political overtones, said Arenado, the Cardinals' second-best offensive weapon behind Goldschmidt. I choose what is best for my family and I mean no harm to anyone. It's just too bad that I have to miss two games.”

It's a well-rested Jose Berrios (7-4), having been left out against the Red Sox, who will try to muzzle the ninth best batting team in the Manfred circuit, deprived of their two guns.

Andre Pallante (3-4), meanwhile, will have the difficult task of stopping the third most productive offense in the major league baseball.

The Blue Jays are only half a game ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays and third in their division. They will try to increase this lead on Tuesday.