MLB: Clayton Kershaw passes near perfection

MLB: Clayton Kershaw comes close to perfection


Despite being one of the most prolific pitchers in major league history, there are still things Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw has yet to done. Throwing a perfect game is part of it.

In an easy 9-1 win over the Los Angeles Angels on Friday night, the 34-year-old Gunner completed seven perfect innings before give in on the eighth turn at bat. It's the second time this season he's come close to something the Dodgers haven't done since 1965.

Kershaw (7-2) finished the game with just one hit allowed – a double by Luis Rengifo – and six strikeouts.

“I really wanted to get there. I think it would have been fun for everyone involved, with the way everyone played tonight. It would have been a real perfect match accomplished as a team. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, but it was a good night,” commented the veteran, his remarks being echoed by the site.

He also thanked his defense for knowing how to back her up, since he would have given up “four or five hits” without her.

The most recent perfect game in major league baseball dates back to 2012, when Felix Hernandez had it in Seattle Mariners uniform. Since then, 21 pitchers have reached all seven innings but haven't been able to put the finishing touches, according to ESPN.

A first that Kershaw should be able to achieve this season, unless a surprise injury, is to be the National League's starting pitcher for Tuesday's All-Star Game. The three-time Cy-Young Trophy winner will be making his ninth appearance at the classic, but he had never started the game on the mound before.