Mocked by Booba, Lomepal may have found the best answer to transform the clash into valve

Moqué par Booba, Lomepal a peut-être trouvé la meilleure réponse pour transformer le clash en vanne

Booba VS Lomepal : rappers are clashent on Instagram, and it is a bit funny

As usual, Booba has not been able to help clasher another rapper. After Kaaris, Rohff or The Weasel, it is against Lomepal that he left a comment for the least little fun on Instagram. The interpreter of “Eyes say” has reacted with a sense of humor, before the duke of Boulogne ” does not make him also a note funny. As what the laughter can ease the tensions.

Booba clashe Lomepal

The rap game has already entitled to a new fight on the social networks. It is, of course, Booba, once more, which has launched a pique on Instagram. After his clash with his former friend Kalash and his wife or even his octagon against Kaaris (eventually cancelled), B2O took on Lomepal. The artist to whom we owe the tube Too good posted on Insta a picture of him fully nude on a motorcycle, what king of trouble he answered with a little comment nice.

“Next time, ride a bike without a seat directly as it is folded. You I sense that you’ll win the Victoires de la Musique” has dropped Booba, with little finesse. While criticizing Lomepal, the duke of Boulogne tackle also the ceremony of the Victoires de la musique, which has never been awarded a single prize despite his big record sales.

Lomepal counter-attack with a sense of humor

The one that we took in the scenes Solidays with the clip the Kids did not respond with bitterness or any anger. On the contrary, it is with a sense of humor that he has responded, stating in its story above the comment for Booba : “Ouch that made me look cooked to the feat”.

Moqué par Booba, Lomepal a peut-être trouvé la meilleure réponse pour transformer le clash en vanne

Booba VS Lomepal : the clash that stirs the social networks

Seeing that Lomepal had a sense of humor, his “rival” wanted him to also make a small joke. In his story, he posted the title of an article in the magazine Têtu, explaining that “Booba attacks Lomepal with a comment very limit” and he said “Ouch that made me look cooked to the couv”. A violent clash which finally became a very good child between the two rappers.

As a reminder, Lomepal had confessed to the micro France Inter, enjoy the tubes of the creator of OKLM, before scratching his latest opus : “I’m a fan of Booba, but I think his last album does not deserve a special nomination”. The war does so it may be that you begin despite the side pimping of the latest messages.

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