“Mocked”, “harassed”: what emerges from the three hours of interview of Samara’s mother with the investigators of the “flash mission”

“Mocked”, “harassed”: what emerges from the three hours of interview of Samara’s mother with the investigators of the “flash mission”

Hassiba Radjoul, la mère de Samara, s’est longuement entretenue ce mardi 9 avril avec les deux inspecteurs. – JEAN-MICHEL MART

The mother of the teenager who was severely beaten on Tuesday, April 2, near her college, was interviewed at length, this Tuesday, April 9, by the two inspectors who came to Montpellier to shed light on this affair. . An exchange from which she emerged “relieved”, according to her lawyer, who wants those responsible for the school to be interviewed by the investigating judge.

The mother of Samara, the 13-year-old schoolgirl severely beaten on Tuesday April 2 near the Arthur-Rimbaud college in Montpellier, was received for three hours at the rectorate, this Tuesday April 9, by inspectors from the "flash mission" ordered by the Minister of National Education, in order to shed light on this matter. The two representatives of the General Inspectorate of Education, Sport and Research (IGESR), a woman and a man, interviewed Hassiba Radjoul at length, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. h.

The harassment revealed during this exchange

This meeting did "a lot of good" to the mother of the teenager who came to the scene. is said to be "relieved" at the end of the interview, according to Me Marc Gallix, one of his lawyers. "She found them to be very attentive and compassionate about what she and her daughter went through. The two inspectors were shocked by what my client said. Her daughter was really the subject of harassment regarding her dress, her makeup."

"Repetitive acts of violence"

Me Gallix specifies that Samara's mother explained "that she had reported this harassment to the head of the establishment but that nothing happened ;rsquo;had moved. Everyone knew that Samara was made fun of, was the subject of repetitive acts of violence, and risked being beaten when leaving school". According to Hassiba Radjoul's lawyer, "we can assume that if the inspectors' report highlights the refusal to prevent a more or less planned attack, those responsible for the establishment will be heard by the investigating judge. I will make a request for an act in this sense". Me Gallix is ​​already pointing out " failings" regarding the safety of the schoolgirl.

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