Mogilev entwined bodies with a mysterious stranger: hot photos

Могилевская сплелась телами с таинственным незнакомцем: горячие фото

Popular Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev during his appearances focuses not only on vocals but also on amazing dance performances. More recently, in so doing, it helps a new partner.

Fans have noticed that during concerts beside her constantly is a new member of the team. Mogilev in his Instagram decided to acquaint fans with the new partner.

“Due to numerous requests I present to You my stunning partner. Alexey Busko. The leading roles of the “Kyiv Modern-Ballet” theatre of Radu Poklitaru, ballet dancer and actor of films and performances of the Swiss choreographer Thomas Metler, Teacher of several modern directions of dance and the Director of the Kiev ballet School, Tatra Opera and Ballet and the legendary Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg,” – said Mogilev in the publication.

Могилевская сплелась телами с таинственным незнакомцем: горячие фото

Mogilev partner

Earlier it was reported that the famous Ukrainian singer posted a photo taken during her spring tour. On it the artist is dressed in strange, baggy outfit: long skirt and white sweater. It is worth noting that one of the photo Mogilev raised her leg, showing users the excellent stretch.

Subscribers are not passed by her strange attire, and began to actively discuss it in the comments.

“God, that outfit on the market ashamed to go out”, “fashion, Fashion, what are you doing,” “And clothes turned out,every little bit helps! Looks terrible.Maybe all the other rescues, but wants to be priglyadnee.. hurts the Eyes, really…”, “What’s with the clothes? Natalia, you disappoint me today”, “Second hand crying for her”, “Volochkova to such a far stretch”.

Могилевская сплелась телами с таинственным незнакомцем: горячие фото

Recall the aged Mogilev scared of fans.

As reported Know. ua, Mogilev turned into a “mooch”, the fans do not believe the eyes.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Mogilev urgently left Kiev.


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