Mogilev for the first time, admitted why her marriage broke up: “Would six o’clock”

Могилевская впервые призналась, почему распались ее браки: "Могла шесть часов"

Natalia Mogilevskaya

The famous Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilevskaya admitted why broke up her marriage.

She spoke about it in an interview.

In particular, the actress said that at one point just analyzed how to spend most of the time, and was shocked by what he saw. Indeed, during the calculation, she realized that spending the least amount of personal time to care about themselves and their interests. Everything else is working.

“I was 6 hours late for a date. Incidentally, my husband was Kharkov. Ask him why he stopped being my husband. I said that I would come at 7, and came in 11”, – says Natalya.

Могилевская впервые призналась, почему распались ее браки: "Могла шесть часов"

The singer said that after this she realized that it was necessary to change the system of values.

“I tried twice to create a family, I did not succeed. So I took them, began to search for why,” – shared the singer.

Mogilev admitted that since she treats people who can help pass spiritual journey. Then realized that naspravdi necessary for life.

“I realized that not wasting time. I completely stopped my life. Started to work on myself, to understand. Arranged something like the happiness Institute, found a lot of teachers,” she confessed, and then completely rethink values and with new forces began to carefully and meticulously build his life.

It will be recalled that Natalia Mogilev, she appeared on public display in the fashion business bow. For the photo shoot, the actress wore dark pants and a white blouse.

We will remind, Natalia Mogilevskaya made a bright beach, the signature to which pilosophical and invited subscribers to your training. The photographs and videos that appeared in the account of Natalia Mogilev, she appeared on public display in the seductive black top.

As reported “Znayu” Natalya Mogilevskaya radically changed her image, now she boasted a photo with guests. Natalia has published two photos and captions she talked about favorite books.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that the famous Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev began to persecute over the open support of President-elect Vladimir Zelensky.

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