Mogilev found the “elixir of youth” in the Carpathians: a bold experiment friend Scriabin

Могилевская нашла "эликсир молодости" в Карпатах: смелые эксперимент подруги Скрябина

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Popular Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilevskaya shocked strange habits. It turns out that the star is eating only living and raw food and the water she brought from the Carpathians.

Natalia Mogilevskaya admitted, what does her typical day and why it’s boring for society. All this she told in an interview to journalists of TV channel “Ukraine” during the filming of the show “hi, 20th!”, which will show on New year’s eve – the night of December 31.

In a candid interview with Natalia Mogilev admitted that she has no holiday traditions. Moreover, the artist is leading a very unique lifestyle.

“I live quite unusual, and I’m an unusual person. I don’t eat meat, get up in the morning, go outside and ditch the plantain or dandelion for a jog with the dog, put it all in a salad and drink green cocktail with leaves of flax. I only eat live raw food, the water I brought from the Carpathians, as if it’s frozen, turns into one big snowflake “, – said Natalia Mogilevskaya.

Могилевская нашла "эликсир молодости" в Карпатах: смелые эксперимент подруги Скрябина

Natalia Mogilev on the filming of the Christmas show TC Ukraine (photo: press office)

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The artist regularly visits his “teacher” in India and learns to see the world in new ways. Mogilev, which was previously a frequent guest at parties, now fills his life other benefits:

“We have in no living air and living water. I’m not interested in alcohol, and I don’t do drugs, I’m a very boring person to society. The only thing that is not boring – I love life and love people! People is the last thing that is not boring! “- said the artist backstage Christmas show “Hey, the 20th!”.

We will remind, Natalia Mogilevskaya asked the fans to choose the rhythm of a new song

As reported by the portal Znayu, Mogilev showed the native people.

Also Znayu wrote, Mogilevskaya without underwear showed “final room”.

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