Mogilev started talking about Zelensky and angered the whole of Ukraine: the singer had to save myself

Могилевская заговорила о Зеленском и разозлила всю Украину: певице пришлось спасать себя

Famous Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev began to persecute over the open support of President-elect Vladimir Zelensky. Reports Clutch.

After winning showman Vladimir Zelensky in the elections Natalia Mogilevskaya wrote on his page in Instagram post in which he supported a former colleague on the shop floor.

“Volodya, congratulations on your victory! This is an unprecedented case in history when a Presidential candidate is in the lead with such a margin and in each region! Believe in you and in the bright future of our country. Forces you endurance, patience! You and your team was always admired for his achievements, but now you are the heroes of our time. I want to believe that Thaw,” – said the singer.

However, not all members of the Mogilev appeared to agree with this position. They began to pour out negativity and insults in the comments under the photo, and the artist could not resist. She wrote a powerful addition to the post, explaining his position.

“I read some of your comments. Would like to add that the way of the successful development of the country in just a few years written on 134 pages and received a Nobel prize. We can stand up for 2 years. It’s simple and has long been described. You only need to stop “derebanit” the budget and start using the good of the country all under, all over, well, the earth is able to feed himself and neighbors. Any of the former Presidents knew this way, but it is not used. !!!! Still not managed to nationalize wealth and resources of Ukraine. I believe that Volodya will try to do it. But many will not like it. We would pray for him, but not wet..,” – said Natalia.

We will remind, Natalia Mogilev decided to show off the natural beauty and showed a picture without makeup.

Earlier Znayu reported, people’s artist of Ukraine Natalia Mogilevskaya once again ran into criticism because of her concert outfit.

Also Znayu wrote, a popular Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilevskaya suddenly decided to move. Celebrity left his native Kiev, and sent to build their lives in first capital of Ukraine – Kharkiv city.


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