Mom connected: which smartphone to choose for an elementary school student?

Before your little one would not let you even to cook soup, and today you prepare yourself that he will first go to school, will get new friends and will be out of parental control at recess and after school!

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Мама на связи: какой смартфон выбрать для ученика начальной школы?

How to know the baby’s okay, if adults from morning to evening at work? What if the kid will feel bad or cancel any lesson, or he just want to hear words of support from those closest to you? And so many moms and dads hesitant to purchase a first phone for their child. But which mobile to choose for a little schoolboy and you should pay attention to?

Durable case and form factor. How many of you would not say to a child about the value of buying and fragility of equipment, count on the fact that an active baby will phone is always careful and charitable, is not necessary. So pay attention to the strength of the body, and it is better to get a case. The warranty on the phone shall be not less than one year. More preferred phone for first-graders – monoblock, slider and clamshell can quickly fail.

Support Internet at 4G speeds and GPS module. In order not to distract the student call, you can write him a message in any app-messenger. Using the Internet and GPS-Navigator, child, in case of need, can pave the route to the house, to go to the school website or in Wikipedia. To avoid problems, be sure to install on the phone of little parental control. In particular, forbid visiting the unwanted web resources, downloading free programs and applications, limit the time kids can spend on games.

Camera. Children grow and develop by imitating adults. Therefore, they are no less parents are passionate about selfie and candid shot. Encourage your child to take pictures of nature – let the baby pass through photos the beauty of autumn “caught” in the frame leaf, you get a ladybug or a drop of rain, frozen in the school shop. In the end, it is possible that your student will lead your blog or YouTube channel.

Screen. It needs to be bright enough to be seen during large changes in solar autumn day. Words need to be read with ease, this is especially important for kids who are just done with ABC. It is important that you could not see the individual pixels and the picture does not fade when deviations. In addition, to display the important strength to withstand accidental bumps and depression. Important factor is the responsiveness of the screen. Small and not always skillful fingers need to hit the links and keyboard symbols.

Light and bright flashlight. Go home on poorly lit streets or dark the entrance, to find it rolled under the Cabinet pencil – your child is under force with the help of bright phone.

Cost. We all of course remember that the best should accrue to the children. But! Child is studying in primary school, are unlikely to appreciate the expensive and branded model and to understand its complex functionality. So we recommend you to stop the choice on inexpensive, but reliable phone.

So what smartphone to buy his first grader? In consultation with the office of TECNO Mobile brand in Ukraine, has selected three reliable ideas for different parent budget.

Мама на связи: какой смартфон выбрать для ученика начальной школы?

Model Spark 3 Pro is perfectly suitable for younger students. The phone has a display with a minimal framework, dual camera, bundle 2 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory + microSD card support up to 128 GB (for storage of photos and developing applications, more than enough!). In addition, Spark 3 Pro has Face Unlock and fingerprint scanner, making accidental activation of the phone will be minimized and the use of the phone will bring the child to the maximum enjoyment. Price – 2999 UAH.

You can buy in the shops Vodafone and Rozetka.

Мама на связи: какой смартфон выбрать для ученика начальной школы?

If the budget is very limited or you want to start to arrange to the child a telephone test drive with superbyudzhetnym device, purchase a Power POP 2, the cost of which is only 1799 UAH. It’s bright, interesting model with a fingerprint scanner and a capacious battery (4000 mAh), well assembled and reliable. A good option for a successful mobile launch and first acquaintance with the world of electronics.

Мама на связи: какой смартфон выбрать для ученика начальной школы?

If your student already has some experience of using the phone, treat his model Camon 11 S, in the original packaging which includes a silicone case, earphones and a protective film on the screen. This phone got 4 chic colors, trendy keyhole and 3 GB RAM for fast and smooth switching between tasks. Very important for a beginner young blogger – triple-AI camera that lets you take the now fashionable images with the bokeh effect, wide-angle photos or high-quality selfies with different effects and filters. The cost of the phone – 3 599 UAH.


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Мама на связи: какой смартфон выбрать для ученика начальной школы?

Мама на связи: какой смартфон выбрать для ученика начальной школы?

Мама на связи: какой смартфон выбрать для ученика начальной школы?


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