Mom, I still missed the plane : the scene of Donald Trump censored in Canada, the president reacts

Maman, j'ai encore raté l'avion : la scène de Donald Trump censurée au Canada, le président réagit

Mom, I still missed the plane : the stage with Donald Trump censored in Canada, the president reacts

You want to see Mom, I still missed the plane, but you don’t want to discover the stage with Donald Trump ? Rendez-vous Canada, the country in which the sequence has to be deleted to the tv. What do delight fans and irritate the president of the USA.

When Donald Trump is inlaid in Mother, I still missed the plane

Each year at Christmas time it is the same thing, millions of people watch the film Mom, I missed the plane in order to set the mood. A tradition that brought joy to all the world, even if the second episode reserve a funny surprise able to spoil the holidays.

Remember, while Kevin landed accidentally in New York, he travels in a luxury hotel to stay in. And on this occasion, he asked the direction to a stranger who is none other than… Donald Trump. An apparition is far from being surprising at the time, the current president of the USA has always been a sort of celebrity, but who no longer laugh at all today because of its policy conducted in the country and the world.

The cut scene in Canada

Also, television viewers in Canada have discovered with surprise (and happiness) that the scene in question had been removed during the broadcast of the film on the CBC this week. A nice Christmas gift bonus which gave pleasure to thousands of fans and that has (almost) caused a diplomatic incident.

While Donald Trump Jr – the oldest son, considered this cup as “shameful“, the president has taken advantage of Twitter to declare : “I imagine that Justin Trudeau [Prime minister of canada, ed.] did not like that I have to pay more for Nato or the trade“, before adding jokingly : “The film will never be the same ! (I’m kidding)“.

A real censorship ?

So, censorship or accident ? Neither the one nor the other. According to Chuck Thompson – spokesperson for the CBC, this decision is not linked to the presidency of Donald Trump, and has just been taken to the practical questions : “Like a lot of people wonder : Mom, I still missed the plane, edited for years by the CBC. This is what regularly happens with films adapted for the tv format. The scene with Donald Trump, many of the other scenes that were cut because they were not useful for the plot. These changes have been made as of 2014 [Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, ed].”

In other words, Donald Trump has just been cut from the film to save a life time to the viewers. A reason quite valid.

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