Monarchy: Harry and Meghan against all

Monarchie: Harry et Meghan contre tous

First extracts the explosives from the book Finding Freedom on the strained relationship of Harry and Meghan with the rest of the british royal family are the cabbage fat out of the tabloids in the United Kingdom since the end of the week. These extracts published by The Times, retrace the beginnings of the love story of the couple up to the ” Megxit “, their sensational debut of the monarchy. The release of the book is planned in August. Harry and Meghan have already denied any involvement. The two authors claim to have interviewed several sources in the circle of friends of the couple and within the royal family.

A fairy tale

The love story between Harry and Meghan who shook the british monarchy began with a simple blind date, report the authors of Finding Freedom. This first meeting in a bar in London would have lasted three hours, so the current passed between the two lovebirds. But the evening would have ended without even a kiss. The same evening, however, they have agreed to meet again the next day. They quickly fell in love with the other, Harry being convinced that it was the right one. Salient detail : the book mentions an account Instagram secret of the prince (@SpikeyMau5).

Tensions between the brothers

Despite the rumors of constant open war between the duchesses Meghan and Kate, the authors of Finding Freedom point out that the tensions between the two royal couples were rather the two brothers. According to the book, Harry would not have liked that William asked him to take his time with ” that girl “. The younger of the two princes would have found the future king condescending and even “snob” in his approach to his new relationship. Other members of the royal family would also have been reluctant to Meghan, one of them describing it as a ” showgirl “.

Kate vs Meghan

Kate would be on it remained very remote, even cold, with his new sister-in-law, which would have greatly disappointed Meghan. The book describes that at the beginning of the relationship of Harry and Meghan, Kate and she were going to be racing in the same place, but Kate was strapped in his car without proposing to Meghan to accompany him. Harry and Meghan have also invited Kate and William in their new home of Windsor, but the duke and duchess of Cambridge have ever been to. Meghan believed in particular that Kate would have been able to help him navigate his arrival in the royal family. As to the rumours that Meghan has been crying Kate when she was trying her wedding dress, sources deny these events from the authors of the book.

The vipers of Buckingham Palace

A friend of the couple refers to as “vipers” when he mentions the old guard at Buckingham palace. Harry and Meghan had confidence that in a very few employees around the royal family, always having the feeling of being sold to tabloids in the uk. This same guard was also a concern that the popularity of Harry and Meghan not to make too much shade to other members of the monarchy. For his part, Harry did not feel protected by his family from the attacks sexist and racist that wiped his wife. “I’ve given up my whole life for this family “, would have said Meghan.

“They have burned all the bridges “

With the publication of this book, Harry and Meghan “burned all bridges” with the royal family, believes Estelle Bouthillier, an expert of the british monarchy in an interview with The Journal. She believes that, even if they have not given interview for this book, the couple has contributed indirectly. She also sees “two weights, two measures” approach of the couple, who said they want to fiercely defend his privacy. However, it recognizes that the british press loves to “type” on them, and always finds a way to take them in default.

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