MONATIK presented Dolgoprudny album “LOVE IT to the rhythm”

On the new album MONATIK reported in Instagram

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MONATIK представил долгоджанный альбом "LOVE IT ритм"

MONATIK showed the wife

17 may came the long-awaited new album MONATIK – “LOVE IT the rhythm.” This was announced by the artist himself on his page in Instagram. The album is available for listening to Music on the Apple and Google Play.

This album is special for Dmitry, as it multiartist reveals the soul. This is a kind of ode to the love for his work and an example of what dedication will lead to success.

“It’s not an album, that’s life. A life of 33 years. Dedicated to all who once dared, or still dares to leave the comfort zone, hometown, and will begin to run not from challenges, and to meet the dreams”, – wrote to MONATIK.

Congratulated her husband with the premiere of Irina Demicheva. She thanked Dmitry for his sincere work and dedication.

“Happy birthday,our long-awaited ,so desired 3 album. MONATIK-LOVE it the rhythm. The album is imbued with this sincere, pure love, and very fiery, motivating rhythm. Thank you , dear Dima, for being so responsible and such an attitude to everything we create. How personal you share with his audience how important it is for you to every sound sounded incredibly accurately, clearly and efficiently.because, only then can we experience everything that you wanted to share,” – says Irina.

Note to listen to songs from the new album live can June 1 at the Grand concert MONATIK at the NSC “Olympic”.

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