MONATIK presented with a large clip in his career at the moment

The actor also spoke about the main idea of the new video

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MONATIK презентовал самый масштабный клип в своей карьере на данный момент


Multiartist and sound producer MONATIK presented an incredibly ambitious music video and also introduced the title track of the third solo album – “LOVE IT the rhythm.”

Apart from this aesthetic pleasure and scale, from which for 5 minutes is breathtaking, you can trace the secret code from the command of the artist. An important goal was to create a very memorable style, such a mood, to add ease to everyday life and a sense of celebration, but at the same time to maintain communication with a strong track and very subtly, symbolically to demonstrate the way of life of one person. To do this, the Director and the whole team was inspired by the Hollywood adaptations of the next 50 years: “singin’ in the rain”, “Funny face” and many others.

The actor spoke about the hidden meaning of the video: “Video “LOVE IT the rhythm” is the story of my journey over the ten years of his life in Kiev, with the first step until today. I sometimes really felt as alien (the hero in the first seconds of the clip) who’s just moved to the capital. Too different this planet is from my routine. And in this way, then only seen, that just is not met. And pink dream, a Muse, that leads and motivates us to sing, and lazy, which was necessary to win. Too bright extraordinary personality that fascinated, surprised, disappointed and motivated.

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