Monica Bellucci – 55: TOP 10 lesser-known facts from the life of the actress

Today, the sex symbol of Hollywood celebrates 55 years

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One of the most beautiful Hollywood Actresses Monica Bellucci September 30, turns 55. Despite the appearance of a celebrity, it’s hard to believe she’s already crossed the threshold of the 50-year-old women. Monica is still on par with young models Shine on the catwalks and red carpets.

Монике Беллуччи - 55: ТОП-10 малоизвестных фактов из жизни актрисы

Actress Monica Bellucci

In honor of the birthday of iconic actress Today.Lifestyle have collected the TOP 10 little-known facts from the life of Monica Bellucci.

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  1. Monica Bellucci, 39, gave birth to their first child – a daughter, Deva Cassel, what very happy. In numerous interviews, the actress admitted that never wanted to be a young mother and only in adulthood understand that you are ready for childbirth. In 45 years the star gave birth to a second daughter.
  2. In honor of the actress in her native town of the Italian città di Castello – called alcoholic beverage “Monica” based on the champagne and pomegranate.
  3. Monica – the standard of beauty in Hollywood, but it was not always so! In my childhood my parents sheared his only daughter as a boy, to an adult her hair was more dense.
  4. The status of the most sexy women Monica received not only privately, but also officially. In 2003 Monica Bellucci in the top five of the sexiest women by Femme Fatale.
  5. In 2004, the actress in protest undressed for the photo shoot for the Italian Vanity Fair magazine. Monica thus expressed their protest against the law banning the use of donor sperm in Italy.
  6. In addition to acting and modeling activities Monica showed itself in an interesting region, voicing Kylene in the computer game “Prince of Persia”.
  7. Despite the fact that the actress often gets naked for photo shoots in leading magazines, his sexiest body part believes hands.
  8. Monica Bellucci – polyglot. She is fluent in English, Italian and French. Moreover, also in these languages she gives interviews and in films.
  9. Two years ago, the actress has tried himself as a writer and published a book entitled “Who will forgive my beauty.”
  10. In honor of the actress in France was launched a new variety bicolor rose under the name “Monica Bellucci”.

We will remind that on the eve of the birthday of Monica Bellucci radically changed her image by cutting her beautiful hair.

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