Monkey pox: administration of the vaccine modified in the United States to increase the number of doses

Monkey pox: vaccine administration changed in the United States for increase the number of doses


US health authorities on Tuesday authorized a new procedure for injecting the monkeypox vaccine which should allow more people to be vaccinated with the same amount of product, at a time when doses are lacking in the country.  

The United States Drug Administration (FDA) has also authorized the administration of the vaccine to individuals under the age of 18 considered to be at high risk of infection.

For those over 18, the vaccine will now be able to be administered differently: via an intradermal injection, between the upper layers of the skin, and no longer subcutaneous, deeper.

This new strategy should make it possible to use less product per injection and therefore “increase the total number of doses available up to five times”, declared the FDA in a press release.

Two injections at a four-week gap will still be needed.

The agency said it was relying on data from a 2015 clinical trial that showed the immune response was similar in people who had an injection under -cutaneous, compared to those who received a fifth of the dose intradermally.

At present, some 620,000 doses of the vaccine manufactured by Bavarian Nordic (marketed as Jynneos in the United States) have been distributed to various US states.

Some 440,000 more doses are still due. be distributed and could therefore allow up to 2.2 million injections under the new strategy.

The government has also ordered an additional 5 million doses, which will start arriving from September until 2023, and therefore have the potential to supply 25 million doses.

The decisions announced on Tuesday were allowed by an emergency use authorization granted to the vaccine by the FDA — which itself follows the declaration of a public health emergency in the country last week in the face of the epidemic.

For the authorization in minors, the FDA pointed out that it reviewed the safety data for this vaccine, as well as those for another vaccine given in children against smallpox.

“We We are very confident about the safety of this approach,” said Peter Marks of the FDA at a press conference, justifying this decision by a recent increase in the number of children who have potentially been exposed to infected people. /p>

The United States currently records nearly 9,00 0 cases of monkeypox, including a fifth in New York State alone. The vast majority of cases involve men who have sex with men.