Mont-Tremblant: one he believed his friend, the mortal remains of the savings of a lifetime

Mont-Tremblant: celle qu’il croyait son amie le dépouille des économies de toute une vie

An elderly man from Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians, has been stripped of all their savings by a fraudeuse for whom he had developed a great affection.

For six months, the victim sent amounts of money to a certain Françoise Diane, an alleged French.

In total, the sexagenarian has made nearly $ 50,000 from bank transfers to her false friend, who would have multiplied the ways to ruin it completely.

“The scammers are quite manipulative to be able to enter the minds of the people, and then they extort large amounts of money. It is simply disgusting”, has dropped Eric Cadotte, spokesman of the police of Mont-Tremblant.

The victim was approached last winter by the so-called Françoise Diane. She would first have managed to extract small amounts in the sixties, but the amounts of money requested have rapidly increased.

“The story has gained momentum as and that the person managed to create an emotional bond stronger with the victim, which allowed him to exploit his compassion and his sense of guilt, said the agent Cadotte. Problem of rent, inability to pay for groceries and other stories: all the excuses have been mentioned to strip the victim.”

If the relationship started on the internet, the rest of the trade is mostly done by telephone.

At some point, the scammer has even pretended to be a high ranking officer of Interpol, accusing the victim of being an accomplice to a fraud. To make progress in the investigation, we requested once again a money transfer.

Completely broke, the sexagenarian has finally decided to file a complaint with his local police in Mont-Tremblant.

An investigation has been opened to attempt to trace the fraudsters involved in this case.

“We have a track,” said the spokesman of the police.

The Service de police de Mont-Tremblant took the opportunity to reiterate the importance of exercising extreme caution and consult with his family before making any money transfers in any form whatsoever, to people they met through the internet.

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