Mont-Tremblant station: the agreement in principle confirmed

Mont-Tremblant station: the agreement in principle confirmed

The Mont-Tremblant Station Workers Union (STTSMT-CSN) accepted by 86% of its members the agreement in principle reached with the employer on Friday.

Lasting one year, the agreement provides for a 2% salary increase retroactive to the 1er November and an increase in long-term salary insurance from April 2021.

“The union also took advantage of this negotiation to settle several grievances, thus avoiding colossal sums being spent on the payment of fees for employer lawyers’ fees and instead ensuring that they serve the workers of the station. ”, Indicated in a press release the president of the STTSMT-CSN, Benoît Fillion, Monday.

Due to the losses suffered in its facilities in a pandemic context, Alterra, the company that owns the Mont-Tremblant resort, recently announced a wage freeze for all of its employees in 2021.

It was in this context that the two parties began negotiations for the extension of the collective agreement for one year instead of a three-year contract.

In the meantime, the employer has offered a lump sum to unionized employees, calculated on the basis of income for the year preceding the signing of the agreement.

“Our members have been clear. They asked us to reject any lump sum proposal and to demand a reasonable salary increase for unionized staff, ”explained Mr. Fillion.

Faced with the passage since Friday in the red zone of several sectors including Mont-Tremblant, the union says it has reshaped “in extremis” its counter-proposal which provides for the maintenance of employment of scheduled employees.

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