Monte-Carlo: Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz withdraws due to right forearm injury

Monte-Carlo: Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz withdraws due to right forearm injury

Carlos Alcaraz a déclaré forfait à Monte-Carlo en raison d’une blessure. MAXPPP – CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH

Le numéro 3 mondial Carlos Alcaraz a annoncé, ce mardi, son forfait pour le tournoi de Monte-Carlo, où il devait débuter mercredi.

Carlos Alcaraz, 3rd in the world, has withdrawn from the Masters 1000 tournament in Monte-Carlo due to an injury to his right forearm, he announced on Tuesday on social networks.

"I worked until the last minute in Monte-Carlo to try to recover from a compression of the median nerve in right arm, but that was not possible and I am not able to play!", he explains.

The 20-year-old Spaniard was to enter the fray directly in the second round, Wednesday against the Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime. He will be replaced in the table by the Italian Lorenzo Sonego, drafted from qualifying, announced the ATP.

Already forfeited last year

"I’really wanted to play… See you next year!" concludes the former world No.1 and double Grand Slam winner, but who has never before won the slightest match of his career in Monte-Carlo.

For his first participation in 2022 he arrived exhausted after his successful American tour (semi-final in Indian Wells and title in Miami) and lost from the start against the ’ rsquo;American Sebastian Korda.

Last year, he had already withdrawn just before the start of the tournament. This time, Alcaraz waited until the third day to announce a withdrawal which seemed inevitable given his latest training sessions.

He actually appeared very diminished on Sunday and Monday, almost only doing backhand ranges against his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero who was in the basket. Alcaraz had not played a single rally during his last two training sessions, nor had he hit a single forehand.

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