Montenegro allows the civil union of homosexual couples

Le Monténégro autorise l'union civile des couples homosexuels

PODGORICA | The montenegrin Parliament adopted Wednesday a bill allowing the civil union of same-sex couples without granting them the right to adoption.

The law, approved by 42 out of the 81 deputies in the montenegrin Parliament, had been rejected for the first time on August 1, 2019, causing protests in Podgorica activists for the rights of LGBT people.

Reacting to the adoption of this law, the homosexual community in Montenegro has hailed “a new page in the history of the LGBT movement” in the small republic.

“A big step has been made towards equality, but the road to full equality is still ahead of us (…) we continue the fight for that all within society are respected”, said to AFP Jovan Ulicevic, director of the association, Spektra, which includes transgender people.

Last August, the text of this act had not been supported by the representatives of the ethnic minorities members of the coalition in power. The elected members of the opposition had boycotted the vote.

The law grants same-sex couples contracting a civil union with rights similar to those of heterosexual married couples, with the exception of the adoption of children.

The government relied on this exclusion to get wider support of the law by a civil society of montenegro, which remains conservative on the subject.

The society remains divided on the issue with 45 % of Montenegrins saying they are against the demonstrations of affection of the members of the LGBT community in the public space, according to a survey.

A small country of 620,000 inhabitants, Montenegro has been negotiating since 2012, its accession to the european Union.

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